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After dinner, you and the others will have another meeting to discuss your next move, as well as what to do if it is found that the guards are lying and there are two of you with a group of guards. You will go to Belle and use some of your powers to find out whats going on. With all the power youre dealing with, itll only lead to disaster. You go ahead and take the job, even though its fairly easy and you dont really want to deal with the repercussions of a job gone wrong. You can use the money to help buy Belle back from the Beast. He cant even hurt you anymore. He might kill you, but he cant hurt you anymore. Besides, youre sure hell let you live eventually. You tell the others to go ahead and lock you in the basement, but you go to the window to see if theres anything in the street. Thats what youre going to do too, youre going to stay in the basement and hope that youre not followed. As you go back inside, your neighbors and the guards are looking at you a lot more now, but you cant tell them anything, for fear that Belle might overhear and find out about all this. Youre pretty much alone now in your house. The guards are still being skeptical, not questioning though. Still waiting for you to tell them exactly what you plan on doing, but youre not there yet. After another few hours, you decide to go outside to see if you could somehow hear whats going on from the street. You see the guards talking, but they dont seem to be talking to each other. Eventually, the Beast gets bored and takes his leave. Maybe hell come back soon, but you dont think so. You sit down on the grass outside your door, taking a deep breath. Either you sit back and watch, or you can act. You waitYou sit there for some time, waiting for the Beast to return. You start to wonder if the guards will actually listen to you once they get bored with you. After what seems like an eternity, one of the guards finally gets up and comes out. He starts talking to you, but once you start to tell him what you want done, he gets all hostile and starts yelling at you. Its not until he takes you back into his office.

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Beauty and the Beast quotes You dont care about BelleBelle thought you were going to love her. Your heart beats against your ribcage and you try to stop yourself before you can fall over backwards. You look down at the ball of your foot and the pain and pressure builds in your foot. You take a deep breath and the pain dies down. You turn in your chair, lift up your dress, and kneel on the floor. But when I get in there, I gotta save you from this. I know you love me, you know that right. I can do better, but I just need. I just want to feel right when we kiss. I just want to know that you love me and thats all I really need. You put your head in your hands and let your head slump onto your chest. You keep your eyes focused on the floor. You stop the painThe pain in your foot fades and you stand. You push yourself back against the far wall of the castle and close your eyes. The pain in your foot fades and your head is filled with a new, brighter, peaceful sensation. You push yourself up and walk through the castle, looking around with a new sense of appreciation for your surroundings. Your heart is starting to feel like its going to burst from its chest. The pain in your foot is gone and the most wonderful sensation youve ever had. The smell of a flower, the sound of wind on a branch, the smell of grass with the scent of dew on the earth. The new feeling gives you a sudden new motivation. You turn the corner and find yourself in front of a large oak door. Cant you see Im trying to be as polite as possible. You ask as you push past the guards.

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You do the one thing you always wanted to doWhile you may be an extremely stupid drunk, you are not some damn idiot. Despite your stupidity, you might succeed if you try. At this point you decide to try something different and you run your finger along the side of your glass and down the side of your glass. You take a small sip of your drink and feel the alcohol hit your tongue and hit your stomach. The taste of alcohol hits your mind when you continue to swirled your glass around. You feel the alcohol hit your tongue and hit your stomach. The taste of alcohol hit your tongue and hit your stomach when you continued to swirled your glass around. You look at the clockYou look at the clock and see that it is time to drive to the hospital. A feeling of fatigue begins to set in as you begin to drive towards the hospital. You feel the fatigue when you drive towards the hospital and you begin to wonder why you have come to work in the first place. You drive to the hospitalYou drive to the hospital which is exactly fifty seconds after midnight. It is a good thing you didnt stay out too late or you might not have been able to arrive on time. You see one parking lot and a long driveway with a large metal gate. You enter the large metal gate, and park in the lot that has a large number 6 on it. You exit the lot and walk up the driveway that goes down for several hundred feet, passing by several large white buildings. Eventually, the driveway ends in front of a large hospital. You are about to open the car door when you realize you are not going to be able to drive to the hospital in a single hour, especially not with an alcohol level this high, so you go in the house instead. After climbing the stairs and opening the door, you see your mom giving you a kiss on the cheek. You are not sure of the significance of this yet, She asks you who you are and if you are ready to go, so you answer that you are.

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