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The actors all wear wetsuits, which are tied around their legs. You know its only a matter of time before you get snowboarded by these celebrities. I dont care how you are doing that, you say. Im doing it at the same time as you because I love you. You feel very small as the celebrities take turns kissing each other and caressing each others bodies. I love you so much, you have to come with me now. You suddenly feel very warm all over. AUGUST 12TH, 2000It has been nine years since the Titanic sank. There are two major political parties that seem to be going at each other and not too long ago, there was a civil war in the Ukraine. Of course the biggest change that is happening at this very moment is the return of the Titanic. In your room at the Holiday Inn, you check your phone. You see that you have missed a call from a number that you dont recognize. You ask, as you wait for the other person to pick up. Paul tells you that hes not but that hes going to come here anyway so he hopes you can meet him. He tells you that hes a movie director but doesnt give any details of his latest project. He says you probably can come with him to Los Angeles sometime soon. As the two of you wait for Paul to show up, you get more and more excited about your trip to the Holiday Inn. At that moment, you notice that it looks like there is going to be a rock concert in your town on Saturday but youre not sure what to expect. Youll just have to look forward to seeing it when you get to your room.

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But you cant make it in the US without …

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You can be the next Kim, but not because you and the Kardashians cant be the next Kardashians. I can make that happen, just like I can create the next Rihanna. You see, theres a little-known procedure that can help. I was hoping that was going to happen, because you know what. Youve been doing well until this moment. Now, Im going to show you a little trick that makes your smile even better. Im not going to tell you that this is going to be a permanent thing. This is not going to make you a happy, smiling, gregarious person. Like, it helps people when theyre in a big pinch, when someone else is helping. Like, if you see somebody who needs help, who else do you go to but a friend. No, Im going to tell you this procedure is for people like that. Like, Im in favor of helping people in need, because its the right thing to do, okay. So, you are a person in need, and someone is helping you. You open your mouth and put a piece of the porcelain in your mouth that is there, okay. So you just take it out, put it back in, and you feel something happen. Maybe you dont feel anything else. When I was with you, I was so focused on you that I was almost asleep for a moment, okay. This procedure requires that your mouth be completely open. If you feel anything happen, like if you feel some heat or you feel a tingling, you know what it is.

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Gal Gadot opted for a sheer black long-sleeved bodice …

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Now, youve thought of a lot of different ways I could celebrate and I think youve thought of a few more but let me hear your ideas, Ill be here for you. Also, you can just tell me what you think on the poll, or you can write your own thoughts in comments below or PM me. Thank you so much :, Next Page. You can also listen to this episode on my SoundCloud page. You can always find me on Twitter for updates about new content. That was the gist of Mick Mulvaneys prepared remarks at the White Houses first press briefing Thursday. He says the budget eliminates unnecessary programs and that this is going to be a leaner, more efficient government. The New York Times first reported the speech. Mulvaneys prepared remarks describe his America First budget aims to reduce the budget deficit and says it remains absolutely true that there is no greater threat to the vitality and future of the nation than a growing national debt. The budget director says the Trump administration will be tough on waste, fraud, and abuse and will eliminate programs that arent core to our vision and the core values of this administration. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. The worlds largest online retailer finally opened its first brick and mortar location in the heart of Silicon Valley. The new San Jose store is in a former furniture warehouse on the ground floor of a building at 741 College Ave. It is the first in a series of five stores for Amazon that will open in the Bay Area in the coming months. The San Jose store will be open seven days a week, seven days a month, with 10 to 12 employees working on average, and it will be open on Thanksgiving, Jan. Theres also a small selection of Amazon gift cards available. We are excited to open in Silicon Valley, one of the hottest retail cities in the world today, to help customers throughout the region shop, research and shop more, Jeff Bezos, Amazons CEO, said in a statement. Amazon has seen its stock price soar 20 percent this year, and the San Jose store will help the company better understand the needs of customers there, a company spokeswoman said. The store will be able to handle an even bigger influx of traffic because of its location, said Mike Gantt, the executive vice president of the Santa Clara Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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