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Saves 15, Save, Save, Save, Save. S, 15, Save, Save, Save, Save. S, 15, Save, Save, Save 21s, 15, Save, Save. Honeys, User Info: robertwelch robertwelch 1 year ago 2The other is that I think you should give the customers a 10 discount on whatever order you give them while youre there. This would give your customers a bit of incentive to stay in the area. It might even help them to make a more accurate estimate. Of course if you dont want those people to be a significant part of your business, you can just make their orders the cheapest as you could be doing that anyways. The other is that I think you should give the customers a 10 discount on whatever order you give them while youre there. User Info: jamesfisherman jamesfisherman 1 year ago 3 Im just going to assume that you mean give a discount to people who purchase your juice, and you do give discounts to people who purchase your juice, and that discount is not in the form of juice, but rather an experience. Like the experience of watching you use the juicer or whatever. User Info: mrzorro1234 mrzorro1234 1 year ago 4 I hate my existence, and Ill try your best to make it as miserable as possible. A lot of people just want the juice, and dont particularly care about the experience. You could certainly do that, and get a discount.

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Shop these Ulta sale items now – from makeup, to skin care and so much …

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You see what looks like a store with a sign posted outside. You check your phone, you see its one of the Ulta locations. You dont even have to leave your couch. The beauty sale just showed up on your phone. You make your way out of the house and up the drive way and then through some nearby alleys to the shop. You head inside the store and theres a sign posted on the door, GORGEOUS SUNDAYS TUESDAYS. You see lots of products on display and it looks like a pretty stocked beauty section. Theres a couple beauty bloggers here too. A few guys reading a book in a table in the corner. Most of them look like theyve never left their houses before. Some of the products are Ulta brand and some are from other shops. You spot a few Ulta products youve never heard of before, but then there are some that you need. Ulta BrandsYou search the aisles looking for something youve never heard of, perhaps something from Ulta. You find a lot of products like this, they usually sell out really quick. Theyre really expensive though so you really dont have to choose though. You find nothing that looks like a foundation or a concealer, or even a blush. Theres a ton of products that sound like nail polish or body paint, but you realize that seems weird to be searching for those at a beauty store. Ulta Brands, Ultas Brands, You search the aisles looking for something youve never heard of, perhaps something from Ulta. You see some lipsticks and some make up brushes. You buy one each, then you find nothing that looks like a foundation or a concealer, or even a blush. You Ulta BrandsYou run out of the store with your purchases. Ulta Brands labels on the back of your credit card. You spend a while trying to find a store that sells Ulta Products. He carries a sign that says Shoplister and he holds a bottle of liquid that looks a lot like the one you just bought. You know its not the right one, so you make a note. You tell him Shoplister, and you tell him your name and where youre going.

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Obama with celebrities

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S speech today in Los Angeles came with a lot of political rhetoric and many jokes. A few of the jokes were aimed at President Obama. That President Obama claimed were dependent upon government handouts. T seem to care about any of these 47 of Americans. In fact, his entire campaign seems to revolve around his sense of entitlement of his income, and his disdain of anyone who has to work for their money. For those of us that do have jobs, our wages have been stagnant, our health care is going up in cost and our retirement plans are being gutted. The President is only looking out for himself while those who are trying to get by are being blamed for the problems that he created. Now of course, as we all learned last election, a person can be a supporter of many causes and yet still be a tool of a political party. Mitt Romney and the Republicans are trying to use the same tactic in this election. They want to paint President Obama as some sort of socialist who is out to take away everything from the rich. By the way, that term has been used before about President Clinton But President Obama is far worse than all of those that have come before. All he does is work hard to try and fix our economy when he can. S gonna do it during the economic crisis that is looming over our country. M not looking to reduce any of the programs that are here that are helping to do just that. M not looking to put defense cuts on the military. M not looking for any cuts to PBS.

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Celebrities for clinton

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T been completely welcomed in Hollywood by a lot of celebrities. T exactly been welcomed by all of them though. T gotten a lot of love the past four years. However, the Clintons are still very much supported by the movie industry. They probably have done more for the movie industry than any other group. The Clintons are loved and they are not going to get a lot of love any time soon. T even getting a lot of love at the moment. S going to get them a lot of love. The last thing they want to do is be nice. S going to make the world a better place, but thats a pretty big ask if you ask most people. They want to go out in the world and do good. Re really going to be able to do the things they want to do. Re certainly going to win this one in November. Re hoping that by telling the truth, they will get more support from it. Re going to get some support for making a fool of themselves. T even going to pay much attention to the story.

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Due to the severity of the disorder, youd be …

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These people are not commonly, theybelieve to be an oddity. In fact these thoughts are already starting to become normal. You do the very last thing you can to ensure your survival. After one more deep breath, you let go of the future you had with your family and your future with the rest of the world. You hold your breath and release it all at the same time. You release the past and the future, the you who was struggling and you who was trying to find your way, you release the you that wanted to be accepted and you let go of the you who wanted to be safe for the rest of your days. Your hands reach up and grab your head. You shake it rhythmically and soon the tears come down. The world slows down and everything fades to black. Ve never felt so alive and the tears never stop falling. T exactly sure when you started so you take another beer. T like it though and finish off the last of it before turning in your blanket to sleep. T piss off any of your neighbors by partying too hard, or too long, on Halloween. Re not exactly a very observant person. Ve been using as a pillow as you fall asleep. Re still stuck in your room and you get up at odd time to go to the store and go to your job when you need to.

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Celebrities at the inauguration

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Donald Trumps transition team and most of the celebrities he has recruited to be at his inauguration will be going to Washington. The Associated Press spoke with at least 10 who confirmed they were attending, including singers Mandy Porgie, Kenny Rogers and Willie Nelson and actors Scott Baio, John Leguizamo, and Robert Redford. Robert De Niro, director Michael Moore, actors Ben Stiller and Cher and the singer Toby Keith will all attend. The AP reported that Trump intends to send his wife, Melania, with celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen, Cher and Barbra Streisand to give the inauguration a rock star feel. Trumps inauguration committee chairman, Kansas businessman Tom Barrack, said in an interview that as many as 20 athletes might attend, but that Trump could add more. As with past incoming presidents, Trump is inviting some Hollywood heavyweights to the White House for a post-inauguration celebration. Robert De Niro, director Michael Moore, actors Scott Baio, John Leguizamo, and Robert Redford will all attend. President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday announced he had chosen Oklahoma Attorney General and conservative firebrand Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency, a move environmentalists and Democrats are denouncing as an attempt to hand the agency over to the fossil fuel industry. The nomination of Pruitt, who has called the science behind climate change is far from settled and has called for reducing EPA rules to protect air and water, has led to a furor among environmental groups that will be met with opposition. The selection also was opposed by the Democratic National Committee, which released a video calling the choice of Pruitt a slap in the face to the planet. Among the major groups that have protested would be Al Gore, a leading campaigner of climate change who will serve on the president-elects transition team and will receive a seat at the table on that team, according to his spokesman, Joe Hunter. Pruitt has worked as a lawyer and a member of Congress while also chairing the House Energy and Commerce Committees environmental protection subcommittee. Pruitt has been in an ongoing battle that began in 2010 when, as attorney for the state of Oklahoma, he launched a lawsuit against the EPA over the Clean Air Act, a legal challenge that has cost taxpayers about.

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Celebrities in yoga pants

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Well, when your loved ones are going out,you should of wore a yoga towel. Another thing that makes me smile about this is because thats one more thing that keeps me from just running away and leaving you. Now lets stop wasting time and get straight to what this is all about. I dont have to tell you this, Ive done it more times than I like to admit. No, you cant find the drug dealer. I suppose it is possible you might have heard about it somewhere before. In any case, I suggest you have a good mind to the matter and if you dont, then you arent going to get far. Now lets leave this matter for later, and if you find the drug dealer, you can use your information to avoid getting into a situation like this in the future. The next week goes by just as the first one did before. The pair of you end up leaving and going your separate ways. You dont even know where youre going to for a few days. You just keep thinking about what she wants you to do with yourself and you want to talk to your family about. Time passes and you still dont have a clue where youre supposed to go. You take out your anger on the nearest thing that gives you no choice but to work, like the little rat who lives in the basement that you keep hitting with a stick. Eventually though you just give up and do anything to get what you want. Eventually you even give up on the drug dealers. After all they havent helped you much anyway. Youve still got to make enough money for your drug habit and that just hasnt been an issue. You dont know why, but you start to get really sad. You feel like youre slowly going to lose your mind. Its at this point you start to think about the one person who has always been there for you. She might be different, but shes always there for you. It only seems right that you should tell her about the drug dealer. You feel like your mind is going to burst with emotion and thats not really all that surprising given your other problems right now. You tell her everything and thats when her demeanor changes. Ive been thinking about what you said about me and about us. I dont want you to get yourself in trouble. You should probably go get some help too.

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It seems that only five celebrities of note are slated …

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It1s like there, theres a party going in every areazone. Look, I know you probably need to get back to work, so just come over to my place. T you come over to my place and spend it. M not exactly sure where my place is. How do you even know where your place is. T tell me in the text you sent me. T think it was a good idea to send it to you. So I guess I better grab my stuff and head in, see you soon. You walk back to your apartment and as soon as you get in, you see your brother Ben and his girlfriend. S still a bit too busy partying to pack up.

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Dec 2016You didnt really know what to expect. First of all, she was wearing a form-fitting white bikini and a matching one piece dress and she was standing at a distance, smiling at you. She took her head of her dress, which was at her waist, and took out a lollipop. She was actually trying to be flirtatious and it was making you angry. This did nothing to make her think less of you though. You tried to breathe normally, but you were so exhausted. I dont know what I was expecting, but you surpassed it. She started to giggle and then started to put a piece of paper down in front of you. She then drew another one of a guy who looked like you, and then another one of a naked lady with an upside down cross, with a naked lady on top of another naked lady on top of another naked lady on top of a nude lady on a bed holding a crucifix. Your eyes were getting irritated and they were burning. I used to read them as a kid and I also liked Scooby-Doo sometimes. She was drawing a third one with a naked lady on top of another naked lady on top of a naked lady on top of a naked lady and another naked lady. A naked lady on top of another naked lady. But the picture of a naked lady on top of another naked lady on top of another naked lady.

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UPDATE: Our 2019 Black Friday sale is now over…

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This one is more than one of the names and the CV is just too big not to share. Ill call them Big names when they start sharing more of their stuff and when I get all of it, I can start naming names, but for now theres no point in keeping the CVs under wraps. You dont share these names, but you do share the CVI wont say shit. You didnt need me to do it for you. Forget I ever saw the need to tell you. You continueIf you needed my help, my name is not Huda. My real name is not worth mentioning either. You decided that you wanted my help with your black Friday sale. You are the one that wants to give me help, you know. So can you make it up yourself. I mean it would make you look even better. Why dont you try some of the name brand products that you have in your bathroom. Theres no way for you to look any more attractive because of it. And all the information youve gathered is a complete lie. Because if it really was my job to help you, then you wouldnt have to call. You have so very little time left. You dont helpYou are the one that needs my help. The last thing you do as you exit the shop is go to the bathroom to look for the mascara that you need for your face. You havent been able to find anything after looking all over the place. It wont do any good to come back right now, so you dont bother looking for it as soon as you leave. You will have to wait another day for a chance to return. You know with a certain somebody they would want to come to your apartment and spend some time together, but you know that it wont be necessary. You still have a lot of things to take care of before your trip.

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