Christopher Stevens reviews 'Soul Boy – OUr Lives' and last night's TV

The troubled lad who dances to heal himself — step by step: CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews last night’s TV

Soul Boy – Our Lives


Men At The Barre – Inside The Royal Ballet


When it comes to dance, every bloke is either a Baryshnikov or an Ed Balls, an athletic paragon or a Strictly heffalump.

At any wedding disco, I resemble a broken Meccano kit with joints spinning in odd directions. That simply increases my awe of those that can do it well.

Teenager Anthony Flavin from Nottingham can move like the Godfather of Soul, James Brown — his feet a blur of stylish steps as his body convulses to the rhythm. 

When the beat kicks in on the dancefloor, Anthony seems to enter a trance, in thrall to the music, completely unselfconscious as he escapes from the world.

Soul Boy – Our Lives (BBC1) documents the life of 18-year-old Anthony Flavin from Nottingham who can move like James Brown

And as the half-hour documentary Soul Boy — Our Lives (BBC1) told, this 18-year-old has a lot to escape from. 

In care since social services took him away from his mother and grandmother aged six, he has been labelled with ‘behavioural issues’ and is constantly accompanied by a council carer, like a smiling jailer.

Some way for a young man to grow up. No one can blame Anthony for wanting to lose himself in music, and it’s only natural that he chooses a genre that most people his age might never have heard of — obscure slices of black pop from America’s industrial heartlands in the Sixties and Seventies, often recorded by amateur artists who never expected to sell more than a few hundred copies.

This programme, part of the Our Lives series, didn’t delve into the history of Northern Soul. There was no time, which is a shame because both the music and the passion it inspired in a generation of working-class Brits deserve far more attention.

Tracks like I Really Love You by The Tomangoes, Al Wilson’s The Snake and Out On The Floor by Dobie Gray are part of the fabric of England’s northern cities, every bit as much as Manchester’s rave scene or Sheffield’s electropop.

All that history appeals to Anthony, so much so that he volunteers in a charity clothes shop, which comes in handy for finding classic threads. 

But there’s nothing academic about Northern Soul, and it’s the fellowship and friendship that comes with his obsession that really matter.

Even if you’ve never so much as tapped a toe to Motown, no one could resist the look of perplexed joy on Anthony’s face as he realised all his friends from the clubs had hired a vintage bus for a party ride to Blackpool on his 18th birthday. Keep on rollin’!

At its most refined, dance is an Olympian discipline, though some people never do seem capable of understanding that.

U.S. TV presenter Lara Spencer was obliged to apologise last year after sneering at Prince George’s love of ballet: ‘I have news for you, Prince William,’ she said snidely, as if ballet was shamefully effeminate.

Men At The Barre — Inside The Royal Ballet (BBC4), a study of the lifelong physical dedication and sacrifices demanded of male dancers, exposed that lie. 

Meanwhile, BBC4’s Men At The Barre — Inside The Royal Ballet looks at the lifelong physical dedication and sacrifices demanded of male dancers

The current generation of men is hailed as perhaps the greatest ever, even more technically accomplished than Nureyev.

Their leaps and weightless mid-air pirouettes seemed miraculous. Just as impressive was the uniform modesty of the dancers — not a drama llama among them. 

They accepted that their partners would be heaped with flowers at the curtain calls, while they stood with heads bowed, perhaps raising one arm if they felt especially flamboyant.

A man’s task, remarked one ballerina, was to disguise brute strength with grace and elegance. That sounds like the very definition of macho to me.

Spectacle of the week: Despite the technical obstacles, this year’s Springwatch (BBC2) is a triumph, celebrating the eruption of nature under lockdown. Chris Packham calls all the birdsong ‘an orchestra of therapy’. The perfect phrase. 

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Did Kim Kardashian Become a Workaholic to Avoid Kanye? Some Fans Think So

How are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West holding up during the COVID-19 quarantine? According to recent headlines, when it comes to Kardashian and West there has been trouble in paradise, or better put, in quarantine.

Everyone can relate to the struggles and challenges that the ongoing global pandemic has brought on, but it seems like Kardashian has reached her limit. Find out the inside details behind Kardashian and West drama, and what Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans have to say about it.  

Is Kim okay amidst quarantine?

Kardashian is far from happy. The couple seems to be experiencing their fair share of difficulties as they learn to live during these unusual times. One source revealed that “Kim and Kanye have been arguing a lot during the quarantine.”

In relation, Kardashian is seen in a recent clip explaining why she feels like her marriage is being tested now more than ever. Though Kardashian supports West in all of his creative endeavors she can’t help but feel like all over the parenting responsibilities and duties have been falling solely on her.

US Magazine recently reported: “Kim finds it frustrating that [Kanye] doesn’t ask her how he can help with the kids.”

Kardashian’s frustrations came to life as she tried to live stream a video to her fans as she was ironically interrupted by her daughter North West. Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans definitely agree that things seem Kardashian and West seem more tense than usual. Find out what the fans have to say about the inside drama.  

What are ‘KUWTK’ fans saying about the tension between Kim and Kanye? 

Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans were eager to share their opinions on the ongoing drama that seems to be happening between Kardashian and West. This recent Reddit thread showcases some of the many thoughts viewers have been sharing.

When speaking about West one fan wrote: “He is as needy as one of their children.” There were many comments and fans who agreed with this perspective.

West does have a reputation that tends to air on the needy side. However, that wasn’t all fans had to say. 

Why do some ‘KUWTK’ fans believe that Kim uses work to avoid Kanye West? 

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

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Some fans think the recent drama is actually an indicator of a much larger issue. One comment in the discussion between fans read: “I honestly think that’s why Kim is such a workaholic. To avoid him and have a distraction. She’s always tried to portray themselves as a power couple and she doesn’t want to lose that illusion.” It’s an interesting theory, to say the least. 

Many Keeping Up With the Kardashians viewers and fans believe Kardashian and West’s marriage is in trouble. Another fan wrote: “I personally don’t think they’ll last not even five more years, Kim is soooo over Kanye and his antics and I can almost guarantee she’s just waiting to complete the 10 year mark and then will file.”

Though it is a disheartening theory, many fans and viewers could see why it was believable. It seems like fans have been noticing that things have been off between the couple for quite some time.

One viewer shared: “Kim cringes whenever Kanye speaks.”

Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans are eager to see what happens between the two celebrities and their marriage. Hopefully, the famous couple will be able to survive the rest of the quarantine. 

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Matt Damon opts for a casual look while grocery shopping in Dublin

Matt Damon goes grocery shopping in Dublin as he is seen for the first time since revealing his daughter Alexia, 21, recovered from coronavirus

  • The actor, 49, recently told how his daughter had contracted the deadly virus while living in New York City
  • Matt was pictured heading to the shops on Friday after revealing his eldest daughter Alexia had recovered from Covid-19
  • Alexia is his wife Luciana’s daughter from a previous relationship however he referred to her as his ‘eldest daughter’
  • Matt is currently locked down in Dalkey, Dublin after getting stuck their amid the crisis while filming
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Matt Damon was pictured for the first time since he revealed his daughter Alexia, 21, had made a full recovery from coronavirus on Friday.

The actor, 49, recently told how his daughter had contracted the deadly virus while living in New York City. 

Matt, who is self-isolating in Ireland with his wife and children, bar Alexia, cut a casual figure while leaving a supermarket in Dalkey, Dublin.

Out and about: Matt Damon was pictured for the first time since he revealed his daughter Alexia, 21, had made a full recovery from coronavirus on Friday 

Matt sported a black hoodie and a pair of dark jeans along with a navy T-shirt.

The Good Will Hunting star also wore a black cap and matching trainers as he did some grocery shopping.

Matt appeared to be by himself on the outing, with his wife Luciana and their children Isabella, 13, Gia, 11, and Stella, nine, likely remaining in the luxurious mansion the family are renting during lockdown.

It comes after Matt recently spoke to Graham O’Toole and Nathan O’Reilly on Ireland’s Spin 103.8’s Fully Charged, where he admitted COVID-19 ‘is scary’ and spoke of Alexia, who is his wife Luciana’s daughter from a previous relationship.

Family: The actor, 49, recently told how his daughter had contracted the deadly virus while living in New York City  (pictured in 2019)

Matt became stuck in Ireland where he was filming due to the travel ban, however he has likened his time in the Emerald Isle to ‘a fairytale’.

It was revealed last month that Matt, his wife Luciana, and their daughters have been residing in a lavish €8million ($8.6million/£7million) pad in the luxury area.

Matt, who called Alexia his daughter in the chat, said: ‘Our oldest daughter is in college, she’s in NYC. She had Covid really early on, along with her roommates and got through it fine. But everybody’s ok…

Laid back: The actor, who is self-isolating in Ireland with his wife and children, bar Alexia, cut a casual figure for the outing

Casual: Matt sported a black hoodie and a pair of dark jeans along with a navy T-shirt

Outfit: The Good Will Hunting star also wore a black cap and matching trainers as he did some grocery shopping 

‘For Lucy’s mum and my mum, it’s scary for that generation. I think we’ve all got the message now, everyone’s doing the isolation and social distancing and hand-washing and everything we can to mitigate this but it’s frightening, certainly for our parents.’

It seems Dalkey has gained the A-list stamp of approval, as Matt gushed: ‘It’s incredible. This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. It feels a little like a fairytale here. Bono lives over there, Enya lives over there’.

Before lockdown began in Ireland on March 27, the Oscar winner was snapped posing outside a cafe and in a restaurant with fans, as well as going swimming near Dalkey with his clothes in a bag from Irish grocery store SuperValu.

One fan tweeted: ‘Matt Damon going swimming near #Dalkey with his togs in a SuperValuIRL bag – fitting right in!’

Solo: Matt appeared to be by himself on the outing, with his wife Luciana and their three children no where to be seen 

Interview: The outing comes after Matt admitted COVID-19 ‘is scary’ and spoke of Alexia, who is his wife Luciana’s daughter from a previous relationship

Another wrote: ‘Matt Damon (huge fan) in Dalkey with a Supervalue bag made my day. Just speaks to how human we all are. This virus has no selectivity, does not discriminate and affects us all over the world. I hope Matt is enjoying his stay here.’

The tickled star weighed in on rumours that he was carrying beers in the SuperValu bag when he was snapped by a fan.

He said: ‘That bag, we just had a the towels. I was with the kids, we were taking a dip there. We didn’t show up with beach bags, we were just improvising…

‘I’m sure there were cans in there originally, we just had to take them out to put the beach towels in.’

Happy: Matt became stuck in Ireland where he was filming due to the travel ban, however he has likened his time in the Emerald Isle to ‘a fairytale’ (pictured in Dalkey, where he is in lockdown)

The star, worth an estimated $160million, has also reportedly been seen jogging around Dalkey. Matt visited the Corner Note Cafe with his family on March 15 and happily posed for a photo with waitress Mary Caviston.

She told the Irish Mail On Sunday she was ‘surprised’ when she realised the man at table 92 was the Hollywood icon. She said: ‘He came in at about 9.30 on a Sunday morning. It was 15 March so just two days before we went into lockdown.

‘He was with his wife and his beautiful children, there were six of them in total, he was the last in and he was wearing a baseball cap, and I did catch the American accent but other than that he was just like any other customer.

‘He had a beautiful family. They were all impeccably mannered, so polite, unassuming just really lovely people.’

The whole gang: It was revealed last month that Matt, his wife Luciana and their daughters Isabella, 13, Gia, 11, and Stella, nine, have been residing in a lavish pad in the luxury area (the family pictured without Alexia in Santa Monica in February)

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Eva Mendes got a makeover from her daughters and the results are amazing

At this point in quarantine life, it seems like it’s hard to resist the urge to experiment with your look. People are buying up hair dye and turning to the hair clippers to give themselves quarantine haircuts, and celebs are no exception to this. Chris Noth shaved his head. Jonathan Van Ness got rid of his beard. Hilary Duff dyed her hair blue.

Eva Mendes is the latest to hop on the makeover train. The star recently debuted a new look, courtesy of her daughters, 5-year-old Esmeralda and 4-year-old Amada. While the results are certainly something, it’s a look that you probably don’t want to replicate yourself at home. “They’ve won,” Mendes wrote in the caption of an Instagram photo that shows her with bright blue eye shadow and random streaks of makeup haphazardly drawn all over her face.

It seems that letting her daughters scribble all over her has become a favorite way for Mendes to keep them entertained during quarantine, because this isn’t the first time she’s posted a colorful and chaotic makeup look on Instagram. A few weeks ago, Mendes posted another photo of herself on Instagram sporting a similarly Picasso-esque makeup look with the caption, “I’ve lost any control I once had.”

Eva Mendes is enjoying spending more time with her kids

Mendes is notoriously protective of her daughters with actor Ryan Gosling, and refuses to post pictures of them on social media, so we didn’t get a glimpse of their no-doubt mischievous faces after they gave their mom her makeover. It’s clear that Mendes has a great sense of humor, and that she enjoys spending time with her little ones.

A source recently told Hollywood Life that things are a bit wild in the Mendes-Gosling household right now, but that being quarantined is bringing the family even closer together. “They don’t have nannies so they’re going through the same thing as all the other parents out there,” they said. “It can be stressful at times, but they’re solid. It helps that they’re such a team.”

They added, “Their girls are full of energy so keeping them busy at home with no activities and no play dates isn’t exactly easy, but overall Ryan and Eva are loving all this extra family time.”

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Simon Reeve: ‘I don’t like the voices in my head’ Mediterranean host in candid interview

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Mediterranean with Simon Reeve star, 47, has opened up about how he has been coping throughout the coronavirus lockdown and has admitted he hasn’t dealt with the “voices” in his head very well. The BBC TV presenter discussed how he wants to help people during this difficult time.

I don’t like the voices in my own head.

Simon Reeve

Speaking to this week’s Radio Times, the BBC star explained how isolation isn’t for him.

In response to whether he has suited the lockdown life, Simon divulged: “Not really.

“I don’t deal very well with isolation — I don’t like the voices in my own head.”

He continued: “That’s always been a thing for me, but if I’ve got a mission and a focus I’m OK.


  • BBC Breakfast star Louise Minchin on ‘scary’ moment with husband

“I’m hoping that I might be vaguely helpful in the community, by going to fetch stuff for people who are a bit more vulnerable and not able to travel.”

Simon went on to announce how he wants to “stay useful” during this time, as he explained: “I have volunteered and am just waiting for the call — anything to stay useful and to have a job to do.”

The presenter is married to camerawoman Anya Reeve, and they share a son together.

While families across the nation are being encouraged to homeschool their children, Simon says he wants his son to “use his imagination”.

He added: “We’re fairly relaxed about that.

“I’m not one of these tiger parents who’s circling around him forcing him to do stuff.”

The writer concluded: “I just want him to enjoy himself, have fun, get bored now and again and use his imagination.”

Elsewhere, the BBC favourite recently spoke out about how rangers and guides at national parks all over the world have been “laid off” due to the lockdown.

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He wrote in his Daily Mail column: “Many rangers and guides at national parks across the globe are being laid off, leaving endangered animals unprotected.

“Poaching is already increasing in some areas. Rhinos have been killed in southern Africa, in tourist areas normally considered safe havens.”

Simon explained how the unfortunate result of this could lead to: “More illegal fishing, stripping out vital creatures that help to keep our oceans in balance”.

The Step by Step author concluded his article by encouraging people to plan visits to these “spectacular” conservation camps.


  • Alex Jones stunned after Martin Clunes dig at The One Show co-star

Meanwhile, before Simon’s career took off, the Hammersmith-born star began to follow his passion for the world by researching and writing on the side of his postboy job.

Simon’s first break into the industry was making travel documentaries for the BBC after the September 11 attacks in 2001.

Lonely Planet’s travel editor Tom Hall described his work as “the best travel television programmes of the past five years”.

The documentary writer’s first BBC series, Meet the Stars, featured Simon’s journey from Kazakhstan to Afghanistan, which was released in 2003.

Read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times – out now.

Mediterranean with Simon Reeve continues tonight at 7.15pm on BBC Two.

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A New York City Judge Tells Mary Kate Olsen That Her Divorce Will Need to Wait

A New York City judge has made it clear; Mary Kate Olsen andOlivier Sarkozy’s divorce is going to have to wait. Last week, Olsen madeheadlines when she filed for divorce from Sarkozy. The pair, who have beenmarried for five years, have reportedly been estranged for months, but areal estate dispute forced Olsen to file paperwork. There is one majorproblem though, New York City is only processing divorce filings on an emergencybasis, and Olsen’s petition isn’t considered an emergency.

Why was Mary Kate Olsen’s divorce petition denied?

Olsen’s divorce filing was submitted on April 17, accordingto InStyle. The paperwork, however, sat in limbo for a month because much of theNew York City court system is shuttered due to the Coronavirus. Olsen wasadvised to file new paperwork as an essential matter. Essential matter filingsare reviewed by a judge, and the judge then decides if the case is critical.

The judgment didn’t go in Olsen’s favor. The judge deemedher filing “non-essential,” which means she’ll need to wait until New York Cityenters the phased reopening protocol. In New York State, regions are allowed toreopen, slowly, when they reach seven benchmarks to indicate the spread of theCoronavirus has slowed. New York City, which is were Olsen And Sarkozy lived, hasonly reached four of the seven benchmarks, as of print time.

So, what does that mean for Olsen? It could be a whilebefore she can resubmit her request for a divorce. Until then, she’sstill married to Sarkozy, and the legal system can not get involved in thecouple’s financial matters, which includes their squabble over when Olsen needsto be out of their luxury rental.

What does the denial mean for Mary Kate Olsen?

In the long run, the judge’s denial doesn’t mean much.Eventually, the couple will be able to divorce, and, presumably, their prenuptialagreement will be honored. Right now, though, the judge’s ruling is problematicfor Olsen. Without a divorce in the works, Olsen doesn’t have a ton of recoursewhen it comes to her living situation.  She,reportedly, filed the divorce paperwork to stop Sarkozy from kicking her out oftheir Manhattan apartment on May 18. She initially requested until May 30 to figureout how to move her property through the city during the pandemic.

Olsen and Sarkozy rented a luxury pad in the city, although they had previously owned property in the metropolis. Olsen reported that Sarkozy terminated their lease without her consent and is trying to force her to retrieve her property. She claims that that’s not possible at this time, although, moving within the city is occurring during the pandemic. Olsen had not been staying at the luxury apartment in recent months. Instead, she’s said to be quarantined with her twin, Ashley Olsen, and friends.

Can Mary Kate Olsen be evicted during the pandemic?

New York’s governor, AndrewCuomo, placed a moratorium on evictions when the Coronavirus gripped the state.Under the executive order, landlords had to pause all eviction proceedings, anda landlord can not begin eviction proceedings for non-payment while the executiveorder is in place. The order, which was set to expire in May, has been extendedthrough August 2020, but that doesn’t mean it protects Olsen.

According to Curbed,the executive order has specific language and only seems to cover tenants who cannot pay their rent due to Covid-19, either because they had the virus and wereunable to work, or were laid off when the illness struck. Olsen is not hurtingfor money, and paying the rent doesn’t seem to be an issue. The lease on herapartment has been voluntarily terminated by Sarkozy, meaning she’ll need tovacate the property or cut a deal with the property manager to get more time.

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