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It was not a bad day of shopping for someone you met only a couple of times before today. You felt a little more confident as you continued to walk and then you saw the signs. You needed to turn right at the next intersection. We can probably make it, you say to Emma. I think we should pick something for breakfast. We dont have much gas, and Im starving. You head further into the city and eventually you see a sign for a gas station. Youre hungry and there is a truck stop three miles away. The last thing you need is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and hungry. Your stomach rumbles loudly and you realize that you have to eat soon. Eventually you find a large parking space and turn your head to see what is happening behind you. Emma and a man in a dark shirt and dark pants walk towards you. You watch as they both hold their arms and look at you. They both stop a little ways apart to talk. Well, I didnt expect to see you here this time, he says. I found this sign on my walk to the gas station. You found a sign on your walk to the gas station. Maybe you should give that place a second look. Im just doing a little exploring right now. That would be very kind of you, but Id like you to stay and make your reservations. We need to get up at the crack of dawn to get ready for this big day. You slowly make your way back to the gas station. While youre there, you look around the store. The counter and aisles are filled with the same snacks youve been eating. You start to look over at Emma, who still looks like shes waiting for something to happen behind her. We need to get up early, Emma says as she comes up to stand in front of you. You walk up to her and grab her hand. I cant wait to get up, you say. I just want to get up and get ready.

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