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Still, this is the most prominent and prominent famous celebrities youve ever met, and its not even that much more notable than your relationship with the only other girl in town. You ask whether theres anyone special to you in the townYeah, I like to think theres someone special to me in the town. You ask her if she likes youOh, sure. You ask her about her familyShes my grandmother. She was from a wealthy Jewish family, but one day they all fled to Florida when the Nazis came to power. My dad was in the army, then my mother got a job at a restaurant. Well, one day my mother got sick and I had to work too, so she never talked about them anymore. Yeah, she was a wonderful woman, and Im glad you like her too. You tell her youre glad shes happyShe looks at you and smiles. But it doesnt matter, youve just reminded me of how lucky I am to have you as a neighbor. Ill look forward to our interactions being more intimate. You thank her againYou return the gesture. If this is what a real relationship is like, Ill always remember it. In a few more minutes you return to your house. Outside, a lawn is being mowed, while a couple of dogs are barking at you. You take the dog with youFeeling very happy about everything, you take the dog and go back inside, as you always go back when you feel like it. You close the door and enter your bedroom. As soon as you enter, you see that her room is a mess. You check her cell phone for last messages.

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