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Its not too late to get in the new Wollongong RSL, the local community says. Wollongong RSL has just unveiled their new logo and website – but they are offering free entry to the entire town if you are interested in joining them. We know how much people in Wollongong love their sports teams and wanted to do everything we could to build a strong relationship with the community. Our new logo and name will be a great recognition of what Wollongong RSL is today, and its also just an awesome story. Why not visit us, see for yourself, and take the plunge into a place where we take a stand for what we believe in. Were not just interested in making money, were interested in making a difference and this is a place that celebrates that, the RSLs Managing Director, Ian Bickmore, told 3AW BreakfastRRLs new website also includes information on how to book them for yourself, and how to join them for family and friends. Mr Bickmore said he was amazed at how enthusiastic the local community had been about RRL. In the past, in the old days – well, not so old times – but a few decades ago, when I had other businesses, people would tell me, you know that place over there. And Id be asked for an address and I couldnt really give it to them and then when I did do that, they would get annoyed. Well, now theyre getting annoyed with the other stores, and I want to make sure that they dont have to get that way with me, so to the extent that theyre interested in whats going on and how were going to grow and become even stronger and better and more successful, then that reflects even more positively. 3AW has a great link for people looking to book a day with the RRL. However, the RRL has also put a notice on their Facebook page warning that anyone who tries to enter Wollongong RSL without being a paid member is liable for a fine. Mr Bickmore said he did not know if anyone would be deterred by the warning. By: John VibesWeve all heard the stories. I remember being in 4th grade when my mom took me to a movie theater and the first thing they showed was The Exorcist. I remember sitting there, watching as a man dressed in white robes with a long pointed hat, a long pointed beard and several crucifixes on him descended into a sick mans home.

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