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You get in touch with John LennonTo the elite, all you are is a symbol of rebellion against the system. All you can do is what youre best at, which is rebellion. You could contact anyone from the Rolling Stones, to The Beatles, to the Who, or The Rolling Stones again. Even The Stones could do it better than the elites could, You would contact John Lennon to see if you could speak to him. You would call him right away, and wait. When he calls, you would try your best to get through. You call John LennonYou cant wait any longer. You cant let John Lennon down. Its time for a new beginning, and right now you need it. On the phone, you answer right away, and put your hands up in the air like a good rebel should. Its been many years since youve called. I know you must have a lot going on, but I have to speak to you. You hang up, and hang up, and hang up. You need to get back in touch with John Lennon. You get in touch with John LennonYoure going back to your old ways, and you arent going to let the elite stop you. You could contact another famous person that the elite have tried to manipulate you into being, and have failed at doing. You could contact the President of the United States. You wouldnt be able to get through, but maybe, you could get a message out to him. Im calling to speak to you regarding a situation that has come to my attention. I want to address an issue that has been on my mind for a long time, and I feel its time to go public with. Lets say youve been secretly recording what goes on in this White House, and you want to release it. The President stares at you for at least a minute, then says to someone else Yes, I do. Its only been a few years since weve been under.

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