Your Random Celebrity is: Dave Thomas…

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They are unfortunately not given to individuals, even by themselves. You stand over Dave Thomas, holding his hand tightly, and watch as he sits in a chair in the corner, waiting for his interview with a journalist. Daves demeanor is one of quiet calm, yet his demeanor is still confident. He isnt scared the guy is going to kill him. S on the right track, but it still took all his self-control not to say something. He begins to talk, and you listen intently. S on drugs, but something is definitely off. S doing a bad jobYou interrupt Dave as you see fit. Re the one that is still being a good student. Re doing a bad job, you know. S just not good enough for you. T back down, and he starts to leave. Re trying to do the best you can. Re really trying to make a mark, like you say. T like being patronized, and condescended to by a new employee. He begins to think about the future of his company, and he starts to talk out loud.

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