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Do you really want to keep it, or not. You take itIm not getting a discount for killing your family, thank you very much. The girl takes your hand and looks up at you as she kisses your hand on the cheek. Just give me a minute to collect my thoughts, she says as she heads out the door. You wait a moment as you see her go down the stairs with a slight smile on her face, then go back inside. You call out to her, and see her looking back at you. She comes up behind you, and puts her arm around your waist. The pair of you enter an adjacent room and kiss. A few seconds later, you hear her talking to someone. Shes dressed in a loose, colorful dress that hugs her curves, with long, dark hair floating about her face. You look at her and see that shes been crying for a while. I dont know why I didnt think to do this sooner, but youre the one. Im so happy to have you in my life. Im glad we found each other. Im sorry you had to go through what you did. Not just for my family, but for your family. The only thing Im sorry for is leaving you. I was hoping you wouldnt break my heart. The pair of you watch as the sun begins to set behind the mountains. If Im going to break my promise to you, I dont think it should be this night. You nod in an effort to keep your voice steady, but it isnt working. The first two hours go by without you saying anything to her. You go out for walks, and she goes about hers. The silence grows to a point where you can barely move.

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