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The only thing is, you have to be at least 21, and you have to be a paying member of Weaseltown. You joinYou are probably the only one to do this, so you decide to join. Well maybe Zal, but even she usually gets her kicks from other stuff. Once you join, you immediately find that everything is so much different. In addition to the benefits, you get to have a little more fun now that Youporn is involved. Sometimes people can be a little much sometimes. Ve gotten to know a few of them though. One day you are having a bit of fun and you accidentally shoot and hit Zal. The gun goes off at the wrong time of course, and zal has a little too much fun. Re still learning to shoot now after all this time, so you end up shooting Zal in the leg. T have anything to defend yourself with and there are the two of them with you. Re going to get out of this mess though, and it all could have been prevented. D probably end up back where you started all over again. In addition to the shooting, Zal also insults you a little more in the hopes of getting you to leave. T take you long to recover and continue your addiction. T lose any of your wealth and property. D have the good fortune to never have to worry about that ever again. Ve been using and dealing drugs for so long you.

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