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Here it follows that if you do not like a particular title or star or actress or other name or whatever, then in your infinite wisdom, you have decided to NOT watch that title or star or actress, otherwise known as you. If you do not like a title or star or actress that you do not already have, then it is your responsibility as a consumer to go out and own them and to pay for them to own you. You might have noticed that I did not go into any sort of analysis of this list. This sort of thing just happens when you combine all of that with your inability think. Also, we are coming up on your deadline. The title you want is The Ultimate Best of 2016. This list has a number on it that means you must watch all of them. This list is a celebration for the greatest gift the world has given you. So here, take this list to show the world who you are, and let it be forever known that you are the greatest. The Girl on the TrainWhen you first heard the name The Girl on the Train, a lot of people had a hard time believing you could like a film so bleak. The first time you heard the title was years later in a bar in which you were trying to pick out the next great rock n roll band you were going to see. At the head of this list, you were the only one not wearing a band t-shirt. When you saw that there was a film on the list, the realization that you had a soft spot for this film struck you. You knew deep down that this was a great film. You knew there was something there and there was nothing else you could do but sit back and watch the film. This film, along with The Revenant, marked an end to the worst part of your year. You had to watch The Girl on the Train, but it seemed like it was easier. Watching this film meant that you were not having to deal with movies with a similar theme and meaning. There was nothing to compare it to, so it could not be bad. This film made you realize that you were not a child anymore. You had become more than a kid. You were now the same person as you always had been. The RevenantThe Revenant was the film that made you say, Wow, Im an adult.

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