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These photographs should make you more happy. We are so happy that we haveattracted you to this photo. We are the only ones who can take this photo, and youare the only one who can take it. You are the only one who is responsible for this photo and the only one who can take it. The photo takes 10-15 minutes to take andthe picture taking is the responsibility of the onewho takes it. Photographs taken cant be usedwithout written permission of the one who took the photo. All photos are done for personal use and cantbe sold ortraded. There is a 15 minute time limitfor taking a photo and only one person can take a photo. A man accused of shooting two women and wounding a third at a New Hanover County, N. C Walmart had a history of mental illness, a family friend said Sunday. Investigators said 43-year-old John Robert Wilkerson III shot Tiffany Johnson, 44, and Mary-Ann Mendenhall, 43, in a Walmart parking lot at about 10 p. Police said Wilkerson had been shopping with his girlfriend, who called police to report the man had pointed a handgun at her before killing the two women. RELATED Police release photos of Walmart shooter John Wilkerson IIIAccording to police, Wilkerson, who suffers from schizophrenia and had a history of psychiatric hospitalization, had previously been arrested at the Walmart on March 18 on possession of a weapon by a mentally ill person and May 15 on a warrant out of Cumberland County. But family friend James Robinson said Wilkerson had a much longer history with mental illness. He was a family man and they are a hardworking family. Wilkerson is charged with two counts of three counts of murder. Read more:Related: Police: Suspected mass-shooting suspect had mental health issuesThis story, originally published at 8:20 p. If youre one of the lucky few who got a free copy of the game.

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