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This is pretty much a typical Hollywood story and as a result a ton of people think of her as a sex symbol. But, Tina was actually the nicest girl in that movie. She thought she was just being supportive of the kid, but it was really because she thought it was a cute idea. In fact, she had the kids dad sign a release form making it so she wouldnt sue them. As you can see, Tinas a bit of a free spirit and in the past shes even been accused of having a bit of a fetish for men being dead or in various states of decomposition. If Tinas any example, then the celebs whose opinions of her you rate high might not be good ones. Youve had the same thought for quite some time, but you always felt like maybe youre just not ready to go all in. You werent really ready to do this until recently, but the more you thought about it and how a lot of people might think about you if you said you were doing it, you really do think about it a lot. You go with the flowThe more you think about it, the more you realize that you need to go along with it. Maybe this isnt what you want to do, but its what you need to do to get the celebrity stuff out of the way. You decide youre going to join them so youre going to go for it. When you get to the hotel, youre surprised to find all these random celebrities waiting outside in a weirdly organized fashion. Each celebrity has their own handler outside with them. You wonder what the purpose of all this is and wonder who they are. Youre about to ask them when one of them notices you. Hey blondie, I thought you might have something to say. Youre a little taken aback, but you try to act confident. Oh, we thought you were blondie, but we couldnt quite tell. Youre now really taken back, and even scared, but you fight it back and try to look confident. You keep talkingWhen the handler sees the lack of confidence in your eyes, he knows youre not with them. I think you just need some direction blondie.

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