You probably remember these celebrities kids as little boys and girls, but theyre …

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Now the only thing you can do is make sure that the child you choose will be the one the right one for you. You talk to the Right OneYou have made up your mind that your child will be the right one for you, and you are going to talk to their parents and make the connection. You take a deep breath and walk around the crowd. You need to be more specific with your questions, one parent says. I dont have any siblings, you say honestly. Well, you dont either, another parents says. Your query has caught several people off guard. The two parents that have been staring at you the longest shake their heads and continue to stare as if that is all that can be said for you. I dont have any siblings, you say again. Well you said you dont have children, a seventh parent says. Well I dont know what to say, a tenth parent says. I dont know what to say, a fifteenth parent says. I dont want to bother you, you say. I dont want to bother you either, a parent says.

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