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This post about Which beauty and the beast character are you

He stares at you for a moment, then smiles. He waves and rides away, and you start to follow soon after. You find yourself at the bottom of a very deep well. You look around for something to grab onto, but there is nothing but silence and darkness. Re getting dizzy and you start to fall down. But you keep your balance and fall on your ass. You say to no one in particular and just cry in pain. Re at the bottom, you quickly crawl to the top and take a look around. You see an old, cracked ladder that goes up to a small flat rock that seems to be a platform from which you can see the world far below you. You crawl through some sort of tunnel system. You see nothing that looks remotely interesting. T feel like climbing back up this ladder. T even worry about what might be down there for a moment. Re aware of the fact that no one could possibly be down here.

Post about Which beauty and the beast character are you