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County property, it would be a celebrity drivers car. Its the sound of a thousand exploding fireworks coming from above. You can hear the screaming of millions of souls. S like being crushed by a million tons of stone. As you start to float in the blackness, the sound of the ocean is replaced by the sound of more exploding fireworks, followed by the sounds of gun shots. Your mind has been crushed, but you still hear the screams. You feel the water hitting your face, and you look up to the sky. Re surrounded by clouds, but somehow, they seem to be looking directly at you. Your eyes are still closed, but the sounds of gunfire and explosions are too much for you to stand, so you open them again, and as you focus on your surroundings, you can just make out the lights of your cabin. S body in a chair that was against the wall when you were sleeping. S hands, still clutching his knife, still twitching slightly. S head, lying half-in and half-out of view in the ceiling. Your brother was not the only one who died today. Ve lost a few family members, including the ones you had closest to you. Re going to have to figure out a way to survive.

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