You just might get lucky the next time youre in Nashville …

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They want to come here to film a movie in your honor, get rich off of the movie, and probably do some other shit, Amanda says. Im not going to Nashville, you say. Im not a real person, but I went to Nashville for a college reunion. You dont know the first fucking thing about me. I dont care if you went to the college reunion, you dont know shit about me. Ive survived hellish situations, all for one reason. To tell people about my life and my stories. Not to make them feel sorry for me. You go on and on about your life story, and what its like living in that trailer. Thats what your lifes about, but I just cant get into it, its too personal and real for me. 15 Join Date Nov 2015 Posts 556 Originally Posted by TheRealZeezle Originally Posted byIts just fucking stupid, you say. So Im just a stupid whore living out a stupid fantasy. Well, like I said, you couldve told me, but I wanted to hear it directly from you. So Ill let the movie do its job and you dont have too much choice but to go to Nashville, Amanda says. You head upstairs and check your phone, but you just get texts from Amanda. Its just a simple script Ive read that Id like to do. Its a country setting with a hottie and an older woman who have a relationship. Its not about the money, its just money, you say. What was that, I cant do it anymore, Ive been through this enough.

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