Yet when the dust settled, the evidence showed that is was true…

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You sit in your room in the darkness, drinking and watching movies. You find that you cant sleep, thinking about the situation at hand. Its going to be an ugly night, one you dont expect to be the one to experience. The next day, you meet up with the rest of your squad in training and they have no more of this conversation, you are all ready for battle. You readyYou grab your helmet and head towards the door. You then grab your pistol from you belt and hand it to one of your other men. THE ENDAs you step through the door and into the room you are about to face a very different type of opponent. A more skilled fighter with more resources at his or her disposal. Its a very good thing you managed to secure some extra training in on your next assignment. Not that you ever expected to fight a real soldier, but then this isnt the Red Dawn meets the Expendables type of situation. The one standing in front of you bears a scar on his face of the same red that is now on your own. He doesnt have the same haircut or the same armor. You are very familiar with the mans combat skills, but you would be lying if you said you were intimidated in any way. You dont get the chance to say much more then the three simple words, Whats your name. Im Not A Name his reply was short and to the point as he immediately threw his weapon down on the ground. You reply, but thats just a prelude to a longer reply, which the man doesnt hear. You step closer, ready to strike, but the man continues to just stand there. You can tell youve gotten the wrong man, so you decide to strike, the best way you know how and that is to play the fool. You raise your palms to your face, revealing the red inside, You killed my father. You continue to shout, trying to catch the mans attention, but you dont expect him to turn around. Instead you attempt to strike him in the face, but he grabs your hand and pulls your hand back before you can get the first strike in. Youd make a better weapon for those scum mongers then, but why are you fighting me then. Why didnt you come here and help your buddies.

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