Yes, Snapchat recently made it a tiny bit easier to find celebs …

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You just delete everythingYou delete everything. You delete everything because of that stupid f security and you cant even be bothered to look for the names, let alone to actually see if the pictures are actually any of the celebrities you want, you arent even interested in some of them. You dont even click on all the photos, and finally when you click on one of them, you realize its just a picture of a guy doing a slow hand clapping. Your words are punctuated by a loud sound of your phone vibrating. You quickly check and the screen is covered in a big black screen with a large red cross. Your eyes widen and a small part of you realizes it was YOU who caused all this by accidentally tapping the big security button. Now you have to delete your own account and start all over again. You say, and you go back to your old life. The point of all this is, if you didnt set you self up for failure in the first place, you may very well be in for a world of pain. If you had been more careful, you would still be alive, but its possible you wouldnt have even had this hard a time ever getting your first picture onto Snapchat. You continue onYou continue on with your life; the reality of it doesnt phase you anymore and maybe it never will. You do what you do, which is what you were destined to do, and its time to move on. You stop worrying about things and do what you enjoy, and by enjoying it, you enjoy it more and youve learned to let go. Youve learned something new and you will never forget it. The world will be a better place because your new life is better. THE ENDYou decide to let go of your old life and go with the flow, youll try things with new people and see what happens. You are a better person because you did that. And when you have fun, its because you enjoyed yourself. And when things are going on your mind you just smile and remember that this is just for fun and you have fun in whatever way you like. You continue on with your lifeYou continue on with your life; the reality of it doesnt phase you anymoreand in any case, you did it.

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