‘Would like a nosey’ GMBs Richard Madeley wants to snoop around Meghan Markle’s house

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Richard Madeley, 66, has spoken up about his ideal guest house to have a “snoop around in” would be. The star said he would like to explore Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s home to confirm whether or not a certain rumour was true. 

The presenter said in a recent interview that he would like to have a wander around Harry and Meghan’s house to see if the rumour about the number of toilets they had was true. 

He said: “I’d sure like a nosey around Harry and Meghan’s mansion in California. 

“Do they really have that many toilets?”

The Evening Standard reported in 2020 after visiting the estate that the house had 16 bathrooms. 

Richard continued in his interview with BBC One for the show, This Is MY house season two. 

The star said he was keen to return to the show after “having a blast” on the first season. 

He added that he thought a person’s house explained a lot about them. 

Richard said: “A huge amount, e.g., an unnaturally clean and tidy house without a speck of dust anywhere. 

“No clothes on a chair in the corner of the bedroom, toothbrushes standing upright in spotless holders…

“You’re looking at an obsessive personality.”

He then quipped about how you can spot who lives in Downing Street. 

Richard said “messy” and “overflowing bins” was a sign that “you were inside Downing Street”. 

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This Is MY House is a game show in which the premise involves four people all claiming to be the same person. 

The guests try to act like they own a house but only one of them is telling the truth, and the other three are liars. 

This series includes celebrity panellists Judi Love, Richard Madeley, Harry Hill and Harriet Kemsley.

Those attempting to fool the panel this week are Joey, and three of his imposters. 

The real Joey owns a newly renovated 3 bed semi-detached house in the Welsh town of Conwy – but which is he?

When Richard first appeared as a judge, fans were super excited and expressed it on Twitter. 

@RozLaws said: “Richard Madeley is always excellent value. #thisismyhouse”

@Thisisdavid wrote: “Richard threw himself into the guessing game, taking lots of notes and receiving compliments from fellow judge, Judi and Bill Bailey who praised the ‘wealth of experience’ he brought to the panel. 

“Viewers thought he fitted in nicely.

“My love for Richard Madeley knows no bounds #ThisIsMyHouse”. 

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