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Re trying to figure out the best way to respond, you suddenly hear a loud speaker announce the death of Mr. You then hear a lot of sirens going off and other noises which sounds very scary. Re still in a state of terror, one of your number comes out of one of the rooms and tells you that Mr. Re thinking to yourself that this is probably not the best idea in the world. S been a lot of controversy over who should replace him. S a couple of business men by the names of Mr. D like to be in charge of the new EPCOT Center. T exactly have your heart set on it yet. S the matter of a new attraction that EPCOT Center is supposed to be getting. Re a little torn between wanting to go to that new attraction or staying and watching Mr. Re going to get to go to that new attraction, but you feel a little obligated to see Mr. M sick of living in the shadow of that jerk Reynolds. M going to put up with some nobody like him anymore. S time that we had a real leader of some kind in charge of this park again.

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