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Stars who aged badly include actors, musicians, and notable public figures. Val Kilmer is 54 years, and hes starred in several blockbuster hits, including Top Gun and Tombstone. 17 Celebrity Before-And-After Plastic Surgery Disasters. Hollywoods Old Age Makeup Versus How Actors Actually Look When Theyre, And Only Like 25 Years Old.

The following is a list of actors that suffered from plastic surgery. Michael LonsdaleWhile some of the people mentioned here are in the business of doing things for a living, Michael Lonsdale is in fact a musician, and just suffered a series of terrible injuries while playing one of his songs. Michaels last song, No Room At The Inn, went viral on YouTube, garnering over one million views. James MarstersThe lead singer of heavy metal band Lamb of God, James Marsters underwent a major career transformation when he had plastic surgery. He has been married to his wife of 18 years for a long time, and is also a father. His family has also suffered greatly because of his poor decision making, and lack of self-awareness. Patrick StewartIt is not uncommon for actors to have careers long after their retirement. Stewart, who was known for many years for playing the title role in Doctor Who, is now 63 years old. He has been married to the same woman for thirty two years. Bill NighyFor Bill Nighy, it is not uncommon for him to suffer from some sort of disability in the movies. However, for him, that was a problem of his own body and not of the movies. The problem with him was that when he was growing up, he was a vegetarian. His career has been impacted more than others above him on this list because he was once regarded as a role model. Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen has always been a polarizing person. He has never been seen as being particularly handsome, but he was a popular star of a TV show. In 2008, he had a major problem with his own weight. He had many plastic surgeries to fix his body and, when he was a child, his mother had him put on weight before he was married to keep him from being a poor model. His career has had to deal with the change, but in the past he has always been a role model for others in the entertainment industry. Demi MooreDemi Moore is known for her performances in movies like The Toddler and The Prince of Tides. When she was around her prime, her career had taken off. It was her performances in these movies, though, that caused her to suffer from a number of problems. She had to have an operation to change her eye color because she would get confused when she would see things with one eye closed and with the other eye open. Her other problems included having some sort of thyroid problem and being overweight. She is in the news because of a number of recent sex tapes that have recently surfaced.

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