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You go back to the InternetYou have no idea what else to do, besides trying to keep the conversation going, you try to find a new topic of conversation. I saw this one on a forum that looked interesting, Id like to hear more about it. The Internet can get a bit morbid sometimes, the man says, and then you hear a clatter on your desk. Oh dear, I guess the cats out of the bag now. You ask for another subject and get itId like to talk about the human heart as a pump that pumps blood to the rest of the body, and some things on the science of it. Ah, weve got someone for the radio call, one says. Glad to see a young man with a sound knowledge of his field, this would be a great help, we can start from the beginning. The man sits up and looks at you from under his beard, his eyes wide with excitement. The other German starts to say, The radio is on, we just need to turn it on. No, no, no, you must let me ask the questions, I am the interviewer and you must listen to me. Of course, why dont they let you ask your first question. Why should I wait to ask my first question. Dont worry, we must have your question ready. Once again, you are surprised by how much knowledge and expertise the man has. Not all the time, there is a small amount of mechanical energy in the beating heart. How long does it take for the human heart to beat. The German man looks confused for a moment then laughs and says Thats not how we do it here, you must have a strange question for us, but I dont see why not. Yes, the heart doesnt beat for a very long time, about five or ten seconds. It gives up the job once the chest cavity is full. Then, when the blood gets pumped around, it is pumped on again in about two seconds. The other man is looking puzzled now, And the beating of the heart stops. The German man stands up and sits back down. Now you must have a much more interesting question. It turns in a circular motion, like an inner fan.

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