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The left has gone to a place where they are willing to support anyone over another. They will support any socialist over any true conservative. And now they are going to try to make America be like Saudi Arabia. And the only thing that will make this country stronger than ever is us Americans coming together as a people and standing against the left and their communistsocialist agenda. If the left wins this election, do you believe the rest of the world will survive it. If the answer is no, then you need to wake up. If the answer is yes, then you need to do something. And if that something involves standing up against the leftist agenda that is taking over your country, and maybe taking over the world, then by all means, do what ever it is you need to do. The left is trying to destroy all of those things. More ColumnsDietary changes could be behind decline in sperm and quality of sperm, new study suggestsDietary intake could be to blame for a decline in sperm count and quality in men in the UK, new research suggests, with men who eat more red meat and sugar having far lower numbers. Scientists at Bristol Universitys School of Medicine found that men eating red meat as much as three times a week had far fewer sperm cells than those consuming no or low levels of red meat. This could be a potential factor in the current rise in male population in North America and Europe, according to researchers. But the studys lead researcher Dr Robin Room, of the universitys School of Pharmacy, said the link between red meat intake and sperm counts could only be put forward as a hypothesis. We would need to do a much larger study to confirm it, as this is an observational study which can only examine part of the causes.

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