Woman Who Sued NutriBullet Shows Alleged Injuries in Gruesome Pics

The woman suing NutriBullet — claiming it exploded, sliced and burned her — is now revealing her alleged injuries … and they’re pretty gruesome.

TMZ’s obtained photos of the alleged injuries Folana Jackson claims she suffered after her NutriBullet 900 blender allegedly blew off the canister while the blades were still spinning.

You know the deal by now … the photos are pretty graphic, especially if you’re weak of stomach. The pics show Folana’s mangled fingers … which seem to be but to the bone in places. Her left hand, wrist and arm are badly burned … as are her leg and right breast, which show severe scarring.

In some images, you can see an orange liquid splattered all over the ceiling. As we reported, Folana says she was whipping up a juice with garlic, ginger, sliced lemons and water.

Jackson, who’s being represented by attorneys at Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo, LLP, claims she used the blender for 1 minute before friction and heat caused a pressure build-up in the canister. Her lawsuit alleges the still-spinning blades caused lacerations, and the juice that splashed on her caused serious burns.

NutriBullet, however, is calling BS … saying, in a nutshell, her claims are simply not possible because “NutriBullets obey the laws of physics.”

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