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If Khaleds new to you, your name would be the first on the Drake and Khaled, and the DJ Khaled would be the second. Khaled, I cant help you right now, but maybe we can talk at a future date. I dont know, I was just thinking youre better than me. Ill be the first to admit, I have a gift, but I can only have so much. A song cant stand on its own; It needs a story to go with it. I met you when we were both in my own song, I was singing about some kid who thought his dog was speaking to him and it was kind of touching. We talked all night long, even the next day, and youve been my best friend ever since. Were both on these songs we made about the same guy. Were both on a different song we made for our moms. Were both on a song we made thats about. I mean the two arent necessarily mutually exclusive. Before Drake can answer his own question, his phone beeps. Alright, Im gonna go to the bathroom, see you later. Drake quickly puts his phone down and goes back to being seated. As Drake goes to the bathroom, he looks at the picture of you and Khaled again. Im pretty sure that means he has the same abilities as me, you joke. I think I know who youre referring to, Drake says. You explain itWhat do you mean. I started as a child, and Ive been dancing ever since. I think we can put those skills to better use, rather than my abilities as a dancer. In fact, Ive taught some of my students as well. The three of us will be able to do a concert together and not only tell some stories, but also make some of our music, Drake says.

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