With Bruce Springsteen joining the 70s club, we take …

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Bruce is here and so are the new fellow rodeo-riders. The new group also has Kanye West as their leader. And this means youre here too, you and Bruce. You were supposed to be in the crowd, you think. Bruce is here too, so you two can make new friends. You wont be a stranger in that sea of 70s fans. Hes very smart and a nice guy and a good singer. You dont know why he never said much to you earlier. Suddenly suddenly the door opens, and a boy of about 14 enters. Youre my friend, arent you, Bruce. He says, his voice a soft, low whisper. You look at him; at his brown eyes, his brown hair, his pretty face. Youre surprised Bruce has never looked at you before. The boy whos been alone for a long time, whos been so lonely hed rather be a star than a friend. This is the moment when the world was supposed to end; when all the lights would fall out, and the world would become as black as a moonlight night. This is the moment you had been meant to meet. The boy smiles warmly at you, but his eyes seem to be looking through you, at something beyond you. Its the first time youve ever been in a situation like this. And its the first time youve ever been scared. And in such a short time, youve become much like this boy. But then, you always knew it was you who were meant to meet Bruce. You do something, anything to helpYouve never been afraid of this world. Perhaps it will all end soon, but youve been able to deal with every danger and have already found your place in it. This is the moment when Bruces life is on the line and he needs your help.

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