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Wild BeautyBy Anna-Marie McLemore Wild Beauty, by Anna-Marie McLemore, Northeastern Review, 2013. We are all animals here, after all. This is the sixth Nomeola Press book I read, but the most impressive. I read Wild Beauty in three sittings, each time with slightly different thoughts on it. It is beautiful when a man is young and free and bold, with everything he has and knows to take. Wild beauty was written to make you feel that way, and it does. I think my least favorite thing in the book was the title. I love Wild Beauty, but its a bit of an over-the-top title that sounds almost silly. The main character is a woman, but its not really about her. This is a book about beauty in general, but specifically in Nature. I like that the story is based on the Nomeola Coast, because thats a place I can identify with. My real problem is that the story itself is very, very long and very, very boring. The book is about the Nomeola Coast, but really the story is about the story, and the story is about beauty. There is very little of that beauty in the story, even though this is nature. Nature just sort of goes on and on and on and on, almost oblivious to the human drama that is going on. I have no idea what the author was thinking when she made this book with the title, but it makes the story very long and very boring, and thats not something I want in a book Im reading. I was bored by this book, and thats not a good thing for me. I need a book that will make me ask questions. Thats what makes me happy, and this book did not provide that for me. So my review of Wild Beauty, as I prefer to call it, is a three-star review. I cant get the story out of my mind, even though I knew it was boring.

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