Why Justin Timberlake Wont Read Jamie Lynn Spears Book 20 Years After Britney Split

In the midst of Jamie Lynn and Britney’s bitter feud, Justin is ‘separating himself’ from all the drama.

As the very public feud between Jamie Lynn Spears and Britney Spears heats up, it appears the “Toxic” singer’s ex Justin Timberlake wants no part of it. In case you missed it, Jamie Lynn wrote about the Justin and Britney’s 2002 breakup in her new book, Things I Should Have Said, saying she was “deeply affected” by the split. Then Britney, 40, posted on social media that she should have “slapped” Jamie Lynn, 30, soon after the Justin breakup for being “selfish.” So, where does all this leave the “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” singer?

A source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that Justin is simply trying to keep out of the drama. “Justin isn’t going to read the book. He hopes they are all well, but he isn’t going to be reading the book at all. He is separating himself from it all.” The insider went on to say that Justin’s relationship with Britney is “one of the most important relationships in his life” — but it ended 20 years ago. Plus, he is “happily married” to Jessica Biel and shares two kids with the actress. Not to mention his stellar career keeps him so busy, that he really is “paying zero attention to Jamie Lynn’s thoughts on the situation.”

“He gets it, he will always be tied to Britney just like Brad Pitt is connected to Jennifer Aniston in fans eyes but at the same time it is a situation where he pays no attention to it and this recent talk about the relationship from Jamie Lynn is not going to change anything whatsoever on his thought process,” the source claimed. “Jessica is the woman in his life.”

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Meanwhile, Jamie Lynn spoke out more about Britney and Justin’s relationship during a guest appearance on the Call Me Daddy podcast on January 17.  Although the Zoey 101 alum said she wasn’t exactly sure why Britney and Justin broke up after four years of dating, she did say she sympathized with her older sister when Justin released his solo track “Cry Me A River,” which was rumored to be a diss track about the pop princess. “I thought how heartbreaking it must have been for my sister when ‘Cry Me a River’ came out. Don’t get me wrong, like, that’s a way to launch your solo career, right? That’s a way to do it, but I felt really sad,” Jamie Lynn explained.

As for Britney, it appears she won’t be offering an olive branch anytime soon, after she has repeatedly criticized her family — including Jammie Lynn, mom Lynne Spears and dad Jamie Spears — over the 13-year conservatorship she deemed “abusive,” which ended in November. “Britney has no plans to reconcile with her sister, mother, or her father at this time and she doesn’t foresee herself having a future with any of them, as they all, directly or indirectly, are responsible for the years of psychological torment that she went through,” a source close to Britney EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. To that point, Britney unfollowed Jamie Lynn on Instagram in the beginning of the new year.




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