Why Henry Cavill Became A Kansas City Chiefs Fan

Henry Cavill is one of the celeb fans rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs as they play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the 2021 Super Bowl. Despite being a Brit, the actor often celebrates the Chiefs on his Instagram and has been spotted at Arrowhead Stadium before, as The Kansas City Star reported.

Cavill even posted a hilariously photoshopped picture of his character from the Netflix show The Witcher cheering on the Chiefs before the 2020 Super Bowl, per Forbes. In the Instagram post, Cavill (dressed as Geralt of Rivia) sits astride his dog Kal with the Chiefs logo and the England rugby insignia behind him.

“Today is a day of days, my friends, not often do I get [to] watch my team (none other than the Kansas City Chiefs) play in the SuperBowl, AND my National Rugby team of England play our ancient rivals, France in the 6 nations tournament. In. One. Day!” the movie star wrote in the caption.

“Because it’s such an auspicious day, I thought I might bring out the big guns, a simple wild eyed selfie would not suffice,” he continued, impersonating his dialogue from The Witcher. “Today the Bear and I must go armoured onto the battlefield of fandom, today we must drink beverages drowned in honey to soothe our throats run ragged from roars of defiance and jubiliation alike, today, my bear….we go to war.” Cavill ended the post with a triumphant call: “Let’s Gooooo Chiefs!!!”

Henry Cavill's role as Superman helped him pick a team

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel in 2019, Henry Cavill said that the Chiefs had a “good fan base,” and described the “amazing experience” he had at Arrowhead. “We went down on the sidelines and (there were) flame throwers (with) big jets of flames going into the sky,” the Mission Impossible actor shared.

He also told Kimmel his unusual reason for being a Kansas City Chiefs fan. The British actor, who played Superman in films like Man of Steel and Justice League, explained that his role as a DC superhero helped him pick an NFL team to support. “I’d been watching some American football, I started to like the sport and realized that I had to choose a team,” Cavill said. “And I figured Superman is from Kansas, people in Kansas support the Chiefs, it just all added up.”

Kimmel also asked him if that meant the Man of Steel would support the same team. “Oh, he’d definitely be a Chiefs fan,” Cavill replied.

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