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Is it something a young girl might like to know. The world is a beautiful place The world is a beautiful place. This is the world of the beautiful There are many things I am ashamed of.

There are also some other essays you could submit, maybe something to the effect that I think what this film documentary essay is about is a wonderful thing, but I think the main points are those that have been articulated by Scruton. Ill send you some more information on how to choose what essay, s, you want to respond to later, so I have a good idea of what to expect when you respond to this survey. Since we were talking yesterday on the phone Ill answer any questions you have about the film. You choose the essay What this film documentary essay is aboutThe film documentary essay you re-responding-What the film and the documentary are about tells me you find the film beautiful, Beautiful being the main theme of the filmI would like to know whether you view the film as beauty or whether you see it as useful. It is true that the film is very pretty; it is also true that it is also very useful. The film makes an important contribution to the understanding of the beauty of the universe. The film presents an understanding of the relationship between a good artist and a good subject. What are the main arguments that the film makes in support of this proposition. First of all, it is not the beauty of the universe that is important. This is what Scruton says in the essay for which the film is based What is important is the beauty of the artist who works on that subject. You will note that the films essay ends with a quote from Louise, the main character in which she says something to the effect of, You might as well think that the sun does not shine on the dead because it is dark. She says this when she sees a photograph of her and the photographer walking down a street The films argument is that what is important is the artists attitude to his or her work. In fact, for the purposes of this video game it might be most important not so much whether the universe is beautiful as how the universe is beautiful. Second, the film presents an understanding of what it means to be useful to us in our daily lives. In a famous passage, the films narrator says, A photograph is a useful photo, not because it teaches something, or because it shows something new, or because it impresses somebody. A photograph is useful because it shows you something youve never seen before and it shows you.

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