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Our star Diane-Sofia De-Ville, Alessandra, is from a distinguished Italian family and was raised in Naples. Thats good to hear, considering youre still pretty new to all this. You see Howard, Kirk, Michael, and David there. Its your first day on the job and youve already made a few new family members. So, who here isnt related to one of us. You ask, trying to keep the tone light. Youre not quite sure how to go about this, so you just go with it. You dont have a good answer in mind, but youre guessing nobody here is in danger of being cursed. You might want to wait until after everyones met before announcing youve found the cursed. Yeah, thats me, David points out. David is actually one of the more friendly family members. You dont know what happened to him, but he appears to be in great shape. If you were a vampire, youd be happy to have a healthy male heir. Well, he was always a bit strange, but he wasnt a bad-tempered guy. You suppose he mightve wanted to protect his family from you at one time. The one that stuck out to you the most, however, was Howard. If you were a werewolf you probably wouldve been more than happy to be married to him. He had a kind and loving personality, but it was just like he was talking to himself. While youre at it, you should add Kirk as well, no. Well, hes a drag queen, Michael says. He was just there for the music, David says. Youve never been a big fan of the music Howard plays, but hes not usually rude. In fact, hes usually just hanging out with the rest of his friends. You didnt realize he was gay either. The only member of this family that really seems to be making an effort to fit in is Diane. She seems to enjoy all the attention, but as far as youre concerned shes being a diva.

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