Who would have thought that famous people like Snoop Dogg and Kanye West …

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I mean who doesnt wanna watch some anime. Well, thats what Im gonna learn today, I think. The Teacher-Speech is finished, which is strange, considering what I just heard. So, this is where were gonna stop, since Im feeling kinda silly now that Im out of my classroom. As Im about to exit, a voice comes from behind me. I turn around, seeing a pretty girl wearing glasses and wearing a plain black jacket. She replies, as she starts walking down the hall towards the classroom I was in, while keeping an eye out for me. Its just some old, simple drawing board. I wonder if I should draw a girl with big breasts or a boy with small ones. I have absolutely no clue, so I just sit back and attempt to ignore the fact that I dont have any pencils or papers. Im sorry, but I cant take it anymore, its been like three weeks since we started and you still dont have your shit together at all. The woman sits down in front of the board, while continuing to rant. I know youre probably just as bored in class as I am, so why dont you go to one of the other rooms and Ill distract the teacher. We could even practice drawing that princess on the board. You could just get me in trouble. No, I think youd do just fine. She says, as she looks at me suspiciously as if to see how Ill react. Please dont do anything that youll regret. I whisper back, as the woman gets annoyed and leaves the classroom. She actually managed to anger this teacher into anger. How come the rest of those who had been given assignments like me didnt get the same treatment.

Information about Celebrities who watch anime