‘Who will stop it?’ Piers Morgan claims NATO is caving to bully Putins nuclear threats

Boris Johnson arrives in Poland amid Ukraine invasion

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Piers Morgan has taken to Twitter to slam the international community over their handling of Vladimir Putin. The outspoken star questioned what’s to stop him “taking other countries” amid his “nuke threats”.

This comes amid Putin ordering his military to move nuclear weapons to a “special mode of combat duty” during his invasion of Ukraine.

Piers took issue with the international response to this in a series of tweets earlier today.

In view of his 7.9 million followers, he penned: “If Putin succeeds in taking Ukraine by scaring us all off with his bulls**t nuke threats, what’s to stop him taking other countries including those in NATO?

“Once you cave to a bully, they keep bullying. #StopPutinNow.”

In another tweet, Piers shared his concerns about the lack of intervention over a 40-mile convoy of Russian military vehicles.

Satellite images this morning show these vehicles en route to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

The former Good Morning Britain host shared his frustration at the lack of military intervention from NATO.

He fumed: “There’s a 40-MILE convoy of Russian military vehicles heading towards Kyiv to surround the city, trap the people there, and bomb them into submission.

“Are we really just going to sit back and watch Putin do this?

“There’s a war crime unfurling in front of us. Who will stop it?”

Currently, the main international response to Russia’s invasion has been a series of sanctions.

These restrictions are aiming to isolate Russia and spark a recession in the country.

The hope is this will limit Putin’s military capabilities and change the Kremlin’s tactics.

As well as this, many countries have criticised Putin’s actions and sent support in resources to Ukraine.

Tweeting this morning, Piers also reacted to the death of schoolgirl Polina and her family.

He penned: “So heartbreaking. So disgusting.

“Yet still the world does nothing to stop the monster illegally killing innocent women and children. Why?”

Foreign correspondent Raf Sanchez took issue with his wording as he hit back.

The NBC reporter replied: “The world does nothing”… except for imposing unprecedented sanctions on Russia and sending arms + aid to Ukraine.

“If people think NATO should fire the first shot in a war with Russia they should say so explicitly.”

Piers quickly hit back, commenting: “First shot? You are aware of what Putin’s been doing for the past week, right?

“At what stage of Ukraine’s appalling suffering does the world step in and stop the bloodthirsty maniac from stealing a democratic sovereign nation?”

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