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You watch as the Beast, dressed in a black cape and hooded cloak, approaches, in front of you and towards the crowd of people who are gathered there for the premiere. You watch as the audience quietly applauds, and then you watch as the Beast turns into his human form, where you stand with the rest of the audience who have been awaiting the premiere of the movie. You watch as he stands before you, looking at you. It burns like acid, the kind you think only burns, the kind you do not want to touch. You will show no mercy, human, he says. He reaches out, and you feel his touch. You turn your head, and see him staring at you. You are a creature of the dark, born to hunt, he says. This will be your last warning, Beast, and your last warning will be the last warning you will ever hear. A blast of cold is released from his hand, the sort you have seen used to kill in the old legends when heroes like Orion and his brother Hercules would try to use it to kill the monster that would prey on the weak. You do not hear what it is you feel, but you know you are frozen to the spot, and that the Beast has done what he has done. Then, the Beast turns a deep green, the color of a forest, not a human forest, but a forest full of the kind that lived before man and that have now returned to make their last stand. He stands there, as the green light fades away. The entire forest has stood there, staring at the Beast. Then, it turns, and marches towards its forest home. When it reaches the forest it had fled from before, it marches, while the people of the city watch, and the people of the city were once like you. When the Beast dies, the Beast dies, and those who have followed him will die as well. You watch, and you watch, and you watch, and you watch, and you watch. He takes his human form back to the mansion he used to call home. Goodbye, you say, as the Beast turns slowly, and walks away. Well, you say, I dont think theyll let me back in, at least not for a while. I mean, we havent actually talked about this yet.

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