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You are a teenager afterall, you better get yourself a hot American Teenager. Who do you think is a hot American Teenager. Its probably that hot redhead over at the coffee shop you are going to tonight, you got a feeling its gonna be good. You look for the hottest American Teenager you can find, its usually hard, but you manage to find one. The hottest American Teenager that fits your criteria is John Travolta, You get yourself a dollar bill and a picture of him and hold them up next to yours, you are pretty sure the picture looks hotter than the dollar bill. You exit the shop and go back to your room to think about it for a while, you end up going back to the coffee shop a few times before you manage to remember your old job at the video store. You manage to remember some of the names of people you think are really hot in there, but then you also get distracted by the person next to you and forget that person was there before. You get the impression that the woman there is not really a hot one, not really an American Teenager, but you just cant figure out on who to pick now, is it the woman in the picture or the dollar bill. You the woman in the pictureThe woman in the picture is really hot, she is your age, she has red hair and has a nice body too, you have seen her before after all. You think about the last person you liked that was younger than you, you really liked another girl that you used to work with back in college. You look for a picture of the girl with those same clothes, you find them and hold them up next to the dollar bill and the picture; You are really surprised, the picture looks alot sexier than the dollar bill, she looks more like your age now, if that is even possible. You spend the rest of the day and the next with the dollar bill and the picture, you try to remember the name of the person on the dollar bill, you think its a pretty name and you cant remember the next name on the picture. You think back to that red head over there, you remember she had really nice legs, those legs have to be her legs. You look at her legs and you realize that must be her, You take a picture of your face next to her legs and you feel like a total stranger looking at your own face. You are really nervous when you take the picture, but you take the picture and put it in the envelope. The next day you get an interesting envelope; you open it up and its an invitation to a party. At this party you will have many opportunities to show off your new talents and impress the guests, so its important that you do a good job, because in the end you will have to pay the.

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