Who Is Rebel Wilson's New Boyfriend Jacob Busch? Everything to Know!

Love in the time of Covid-19 isn’t always an easy thing to achieve. With all the restrictions on close contact and many of the hottest date night spots closed down, it’s a real challenge to stay on the dating scene while staying safe. These struggles extend to celebrities as well, and 2020 is shaping up to be a strange year for romance.

With some celebrities choosing to quarantine together — even if their relationship status has been a bit up-in-the-air — and others breaking up during the ordeal, there’s plenty to talk about. Now fans are hearing about Rebel Wilson‘s new boyfriend Jacob Busch and want to know more! 

Rebel Wilson is an Australian actor

Best known for her brash and over-the-top roles in comedies, Wilson is an Australian actor who has captured a lot of fans’ attention. The story of Wilson’s rise to fame has some bizarre elements, but isn’t that what makes Hollywood so interesting?

When she was younger, Wilson traveled to South Africa with Rotary International. She was advised to take medication designed to prevent the contraction of malaria, but the side effects scared her away from following that recommendation. Unfortunately, Wilson did contract the disease, but we might never have gotten to see her grace the screen if she hadn’t. 

While suffering from malaria, Wilson had some vivid hallucinations. One of these visions involved Wilson with a bustling acting career. While confined to her hospital bed, Wilson imagined herself giving an acceptance speech on stage.

Apparently, the impact lasted beyond her hospital stay. As the star recovered, she decided to pursue a new career. After studying theater and breaking into comedy in her homeland of Australia, Wilson moved to Hollywood in 2011. 

Rebel Wilson has grown increasingly popular

Her big breakthrough American role was in the wildly popular comedy Bridesmaids. She followed it up with What to Expect When You’re Expecting in 2012 and then landed what became her most iconic role: Fat Amy on Pitch Perfect. She would reprise the role for Pitch Perfect 2 in 2015 and again in Pitch Perfect 3 in 2017.

While it looked like the star might get typecast through the part, recent years have shown a more sophisticated range including a role in 2019’s Jojo Rabbit and the widely anticipated (but disappointingly received) Cats

Along the way to fame, fans have often wondered about Wilson’s love life. While her career often paired her with actor Adam Devine as an on-screen love interest, the pair did not get together in real life. Wilson has had some substantial relationships over the years, however.

In June, she told the New Zealand Herald that she hadn’t found the right person. “I’ve been dating everyone from billionaires to the very regular person next door. It’s been fun meeting different people,” Wilson explained.

Her relationships were not publicly confirmed, but she was linked to tech entrepreneur Jeff Beacher. 

Who is Rebel Wilson’s new boyfriend?

Us Weekly recently confirmed that the actor has been dating 29-year-old Jacob Busch for months, and the relationship is apparently getting “serious.” According to Radar Online, the couple was introduced by a mutual friend.

The couple has even made their relationship status Instagram official, and it appears that they began dating before the pandemic, so they’ve had a chance to get to know one another during this strange year. They kept in touch while Wilson returned to Australia, and now that she’s back in the states, their relationship has “picked back up.”

Busch, who resides in LA, reportedly attended St Louis University, majoring in International Business and Entrepreneurship. In 2016, Busch started his own brewery with two friends.

A source reveals that Busch, who is heir to the brewing empire Anheuser-Busch, is completely smitten with Wilson: “He is very old school and he is a gentleman in the way he treats Rebel. He seems to be very in love with her.”

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