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You continue; you need to get to a place where that isnt the case, but you have a feeling that you can go no further with him. You begin to pace the room and think of any way you can get under the presidents skin. You remember that you have a list of his personal favorite things, but you know he might just get rid of them to throw you off. You ask him for a pictureYou have your mind working, when you hear footsteps going upstairs. You see the president, with his hands on either side of his head and staring straight at you. D figure out what he was doing and then you would have more things to use against him. Ve got a sense of where this is going, but you have to try. You start to walk towards the door, but the president stops him. T sure of what to say to this so you go back to your plan of playing it off as an insult. S an old bedroom that has a few items from his past still on display. You notice all of his pictures are of himself with his wife and child. You see his daughter, who is probably a toddler, sitting on the floor with a toy train. S holding a plastic gun with a bullet in the barrel. A little girl of about the same age is standing on a swing with a toy horse. A few more children are scattered about the room and one of them is asleep on the floor.

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