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In fact, there is a certain type of Catholic who is a real asset to his or her church, and they are not recognized as such. When the Church says it is a Christian Church, it is a Christian Church, but, by definition, there must also exist a Roman Catholic Priest. You would think that a religion that does not hold belief in a God and believes in a Power greater than man should at least have a leader who can act as its spiritual leader. But no, the only thing the Catholic Church has is a bunch of people who have the job title of Priest, and some of those people are the rank and file Catholic Priests. In fact, you know of only ONE Catholic Priest that is a major Hollywood actor, and the Catholic Church refuses to recognize him as being a Priest. So what is a Priest supposed to do during Lent. What exactly do they do in the middle of the night when the lights are out. You dont know either, but then you dont know a whole lot about the Catholic Church. You are not a Catholic, but you do have certain questions you would like to ask, so you decide the best course of action would be to do it yourself. You would imagine that a film crew would not be able to get in to the Church to film the scene, so you take comfort in the fact that the next morning, when you wake up and check your email, you get a response from the head of the Church. You have been given a special privilege that no one should have. You have been given the responsibility of serving this Church better than anyone. I have no words, so I shall leave you to it. Remember always,The Great And Eternal God, Jesus ChristWell there is no way to be sure, but youre betting this works out for you. And youll be damned if this isnt the best decision you made today. Youre in a dark corner of the basement, waiting for the end of a game. Your friends are talking loudly and you can hear a noise in the distance. The whole floor vibrates in a way that makes everything shake inside your head. With a shout you run toward the windows, which just so happens to be the last place youd expect noise like that to come from.

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