While most people identify as male or female, there are some who say they …

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When these people are in public, most people think they are girlygirls. Please make note of The Mary Sues general comment policy. About the AuthorAlex Pareene, founder of The Mary Sue, is a writer, comedian, film critic and internet personality Visited 1,838 times, 1 visits today, We have the pleasure of having Peter Lutzer on to discuss his new novel, The Way of Kings. Peter is a freelance writer, editor, and story analyst interested in fantasy, science fiction, fantasy literature, mythology, world history, and all things related to those elements. Peter is an occasional guest in the podcast and on the podcast is the author of the novels The Black Company and The Way of Kings. Were also very happy to have the author of The Blade Itself on to discuss his new novel, Stormlight Archive. In addition, Brandon Sanderson has kindly agreed to do a brief read thru of Stormlight Archive, so if you missed it when it first came out, you can catch up with the new book here. Please be aware that we are a very small group so we will ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes early to make sure you get a seat as our space is limited. A Florida man, convicted four years ago of illegally importing prescription drugs, was shot and killed by an agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration as he sat in his car Tuesday afternoon. According to NBC station WOKV in Oklahoma City, 40-year-old John F. Thompson was shot multiple times in the parking lot of the drugstore by Special Agent Dan Gilleon, a member of the Drug Enforcement Administrations Mobile Strike Force, which includes agents from the agencys Tampa office. The agent was participating in a drug and violent crime sting operation when Thompson was apprehended. Thompson was indicted for drug and weapons charges following his arrest and pleaded guilty in January 2014. Related: Florida man sentenced to life for drug shipmentsAccording to court documents, Thompson admitted to distributing pills that were intended for a medical procedure at the University of Central Florida.

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