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Not at all, the only celebrities in Chicago are those who move in and out of the city. He is not a local celeb, he is not even a true musician. He is just the face behind a local company. If he were actually a real musician, he would have stayed in one of the many other cities that have a thriving music scene like New York, Los Angeles, etc. But he chooses to remain in the city that created his career. So the city that started it all, and is home to the greatest record company, is now stuck with the results of the new music. He leaves, but not before leaving a big mess in his wake for others to clean up. I can only hope the new generation that inherits the city actually respects its past. I mean we live in a society of globalists and everyone is supposed to think alike right. Anyway, I will let you decide what to do, but I for one am glad that the city has changed even a little and is making the effort to change more. 35 for the day pass, I will be there to see Kanye, the girl, she is an international model and all those who come next year. I wouldnt trust any of these other people, as they would probably come to steal my car, beat me up, rape me, whatever. But I would be there to tell the truth as I saw it, even if that meant lying for myself. RelatedContinue reading the main story RelatedRead StoryYou might also likeMore from Travel and LeisureEditor PicksHacking Team, a Swiss company that provides technology that can be used for surveillance purposes, has been hacked and confidential data leaked online. The attack took place last night and affected several of Hacking Teams customers but was focused on the firms main US location and the majority of employees. Hacking Team said the breach appeared to be the work of sophisticated criminals but said that some of the data had already been stolen, presumably by disgruntled employees. The company added that it had already informed law enforcement about the matter. The breach came to light as the FBI warned its employees that they could be targeted in a hacking campaign. However, security researchers have warned that this may not be a complete one-off, with the hackers simply being taking advantage of a lapse.

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