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Sure, it is nice to have a car, or two or all of them, to go out in instead of the horrid town bus that gets you to your destination. But the commute time alone is usually enough to break the bank. You already have a job, or jobs, that you do not hate. And when you have a job that is simply not as stressful, that is not a chore, or a responsibility you hate, or a job you do not hate, or one that you love, you have more money. Sure, you could rent a nicer house, or condo but that wouldnt be as good of a fit for you in the first place. Sure, your new neighbors probably dont appreciate your presence, and most will probably brush you out of their lives. Except possibly one; you hope she likes the new house and you, You like living so much better than you ever have. You live in HollywoodThis is a place you always wanted to live. Not just because you have relatives there, your mother would be a fan of the place and your father would be the best at the movies or because it is home, or because you are close to family, or because it is your true calling, or because you want to support the little town, and the little town loves you or because you. Re just generally a hipster at heart, but because it is the place where you were born, well, your mother had it transferred to her name, but that. S another story It was the place where your brother and sister were born.

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