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I mean, why are you even a movie star. Why dont you go make a movie. You were in the first one, were you. Wait a minute, so are you one of these celebrity people. I told you to get the fuck outta my neighborhood, fucker. You dont look like you are from here. You dont look like you dont have any connections, do you. You dont look like youre from here. I dont see yourself in these people and I think youre just fine, so fuck off and go back to your trailer park. And I would, except you had gone back as well and then you went down to the street. A block and a half and youd lost your way again. As you hunch over on the sidewalk you search the area and suddenly you see the face in your minds eye up ahead. A big guy, big to you, with a thick mustache grabs you in a tight hold and then flips you over. Re rolling on the ground now and he keeps on slamming his knee into your chest. He keeps on slamming your head into the ground, then he goes in for a knee to the face, but youre too fast.

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