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But I thought that musicfilmliterature made up by the people involved to sell more tickets, which is what youre doing. Not knowing what else to do, I decided to take your offer and see if I could get some of the people at the party I know. So I asked Sally who the One and Only was and she just smiled and said I dont know, but they are giving me a chance to have fun and have some fun and I am having lots of fun. Well, I was happy about this and thought she looked adorable and she agreed. So after asking a few people they were sure they knew who was it. The party was about to start, but I had to start getting the party started myself, by getting to know everyone else we would be running into that would be at the party. We went to Sallys house, went inside and started making small talk. Eventually I had to start asking them more personal questions. Some I would find a way to make fun of, some I would do to get to know them better. I even got to see some of them naked. Then I would realize I should not be doing this and stop, but as I was doing it, I would feel a little thrill on how people were responding to it. That kind of thing is why I got into this in the first place. I was feeling good and could get on with the party, though I still wanted to start up the dancing again and get my hands a little dirty by doing some of the things I did in my head. I also was getting a little bored with the small talk and had to do something else. After about a week, I decided to leave and have Sally try to figure it out for me, since she was still running things at this point. I told her that I just felt better when I was dancing and that I wanted to dance. I was starting to get a little paranoid, so I started leaving the party as much as I could, but left when it wasnt too late before I had to go to the party. I was starting to get more and more paranoid, which was odd, since a week before, I was the center of attention more than ever. I was so paranoid that I went to a bar to get some alcohol. But when I got there, there were lots of people there, and the people were getting drunk, but I kept drinking. When I got up to leave, I realized I had forgotten something and I stopped. As I was doing this, a woman came up to me and said Wait here, I need to.

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