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A man who was seriously injured in a crash on Friday morning in downtown Vancouver is in hospital in serious condition. Police say the crash happened at the intersection of Denman Street and Burrard Street, where a silver Nissan Rogue was travelling southbound when it was hit from behind by an eastbound truck. The Nissans driver was thrown from his vehicle and severely injured. Witnesses in the area say the man has been in intensive care for many hours. Vancouver police said on Twitter Friday that the man will remain in the hospital as a precaution and investigators and his family will be made aware of his status. The driver of the truck also sustained minor injuries. The trucker was heading eastbound on Burrard Street and had turned left onto Denman Street when the crash happened. The driver of the Nissan, which was also stolen, is described only as being a man who was severely injured. Police say they are still investigating the cause of the crash. Stay with CBC News for updates on this breaking news story. An American woman, who has two children in the custody of the State of Indiana and is a mother herself, was recently arrested by local police and federal agents for her conscientious objection to the states notorious Family Preservation Notice, FPN According to the FPN, which was recently signed into law by Governor Mike Pence, any woman who has given birth to a baby in her life time has been placed in a permanent registry and can be arbitrarily detained and forced to turn over every cent of her child support to the State. Not to mention unemployment, health insurance, and all other benefits that are in the tax system. The American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU, and the ACLU of Indiana are opposing the FPN as it violates the rights of the FPNs many victims, including the ACLU of Indianas client Sarah. Sarah is a single mother raising two children, one of whom is being fostered out to a relative. The ACLU believes Sarah should not have to pay child support for the child her foster family has refused to admit. The ACLU also opposes the FPN, which it says amounts to a license to deprive a woman and her children of basic civil rights, including the right to child support from a non-custodial parent. But the FPN is not supported by a majority of Indiana voters. In fact, in a Novempoll conducted by the ACLU, 62 percent of voters opposed the FPN. The FPN has been approved by just 18 percent of Indiana voters.

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