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Tina and Turner were both a bit of a wild couple. Sometimes those two things were a little too much. They got into fights and would get into scrapes as a result of that element at all times. They would hang out with strippers and party too. In fact, Turner was known to have had a little party bus that she liked to use during her travels. The couple also made a lot of drugs of which Tina wasnt a big user of, but she was a big drinker. The party bus would get into fights with other party buses as a result of their partying. That was the lifestyle that Tina and Turner pursued together and its been a life long friend of mine. The bus would also get into fights with other tour buses. Sometimes the tour buses would intentionally wreck the bus or deliberately run over the bus. Other times the tour buses were just inconsiderate drivers. It was a hard life, but Tina loved and respected those crazy types and they loved her back in return. Tina Turner and Tina Williams were a happy couple and their life eventually ended in some kind of tragedy. Were going to tell this amazing story of a happy couple and those crazy travelers because its a story that still is very fun to remember today. Tina and Tina Turners lives ended in a similar way. We all are a little more careful when travelling with our friends right. If someone is feeling the urge to be a little reckless, well, we all should be. So here is your next destination, a place where your friends are safe and well and you can still have a great time. If your friends have a lot of money or a lot of clothes, then you should be able to buy something nice for yourself. Maybe you can even do some indulging, but not at all your attention should be focused on yourself all the time. Everyone wants to be remembered as a good person for the rest of their live. Location: The Belly of the BeastDate and Time: March 21, 9:30PMThats the way. You say to yourself as you walk to the edge of the roof of the building. The shadows will keep you hidden and if the moon is out, this is the perfect place for you to take your first steps into the night sky. The moons glow will help you find your way back to the building after dark.

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