When their brain starts to fight against the programming…

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So then, theyre just going to torture you into not just letting them kill me, but to also let the governmentmilitary do to me what they want to do to me. So if Im a traitor, do they need to torture me too. You stop feeling sad for the second time today. Ll help you, so I can be freed from this suffering anyway. T be getting freed unless you help us, not even at the cost of your own freedom. T answer for a few moments, but you at least come up with a few thoughts. M going to need all the help I can get. M going to have to choose which ones to focus on. Ve started to change into a different person. Re not getting anything from each other. S the case, then by your logic, you should be helping me. You snarl and raise your hand to hit her. You know I need you here to help me. She gives you a small smile and leaves, which you take as your cue to continue. You summoned up all your inner strength of hate for this whole situation and concentrated as hard as you could.

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