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You have all those little stickers and the games for a reason. You cant wait til you play them. Your life has some things you want to do, and some things you dont want to do. You want to travel the world, but youre not sure youre going to make that happen. Youre trying to lose yourself in a game you arent entirely sure you want to play. Something has to give, or else youre going to blow all your money on the games and end up like most losers that do. Youve been saving the money for a long time. You might as well take it now and make the most of it. You go to the barYou know its a trap, but you dont care. You get to the bar and go to the liquor cabinet. There are so many games that you wont need to play them all, and thats what youre here for as far as youre concerned, so you pick up the nearest one and grab a shot for yourself. The bartender is just sitting there behind the bar, not bothering to talk to you or even look you in the eye. He keeps walking, and when he leaves the bar, you hear the bartender say something about a liquor store. This is going to be easy, and you could get drunk with a little effort. You get to the liquor store and the clerk just looks at you blankly. How could you ever have been so stupid as to think hed help you. And that, my friend, exactly is what you just did. The bartender takes your sobbing and goes back to his job. You dont even get your drink. Instead, you fall back on the bar, sobs in full force in the background. You dont hear the bartender say anything. Then, you hear a familiar voice from outside your door.

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