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Jacque Georgia, loves state and love and Colorado. You know that, love Love, Colorado Love and Colorado Love and C Colorado. B: You should come by and visit them and see how much you can learn. A:, laughs, B:, laughs, A: Yeah, I love you. The last time you saw Tom, he was a young man with a shy smile and a lot to live up to. He left his hometown of Bakersfield and his hometown for good when the chance to audition for a show caught his eye. After years of success in television, Tom was ready to get out, but that all changed when his close friend and mentor, Billie Piper, asked him to come back to the old school when they brought back a cult show called Frasier to Fox. Tom was shocked at first, but after seeing the show in its original form, he realized it did not need to be updated at all. The rest of the cast included a mix of familiar faces and new. A few names that popped out were Martin Landau, Richard Dreyfuss, William Sadler, and Peter MacNicol. Others who had big roles included Julie Newmar as the series head drama teacher, Alan Thicke as the goofy, yet lovable Frasier, and John Larroquette as the neurotic, yet lovable Niles Crane. A few minor roles were the more obscure names such as a man who sells hot dogs in the parking lot of a local supermarket, a police officer, and a couple who work at a gas station who talk about the latest in news updates. The third season of the show ran from Jto Octoand it brought back the Frasier clan for its fourth and final season. Though it felt like a reunion because everyone was happy, it was also a sad one because so many of the original players had passed away. It was the last series of the original series before Fox decided to cancel the entire series due to poor ratings.

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